GMA LIVE (06.04.13)

Josh, Lara and Sam revisit the choices made by the "GMA" audience on "GMA Live!"
13:59 | 06/04/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.04.13)
-- -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- of the -- sitting at a rock and however we want. And on the newsstands right -- yet another parent and women have made recently also -- I don't. Bob is not better -- that bad bad bad days longer not why I love that. And we didn't exactly please -- they're confident uh oh yeah. What do we have do we have -- so rob. OK -- -- joining us that we want to we want to start things off with a very special guest Google. Actually came to all of us via Twitter she's want to -- as -- you know our team came together we all jumped on the Twitter tweeting back and forth. We even though I don't live writings the other in the middle series deficit. And she is just fantastic. And also beat -- show and she is she is -- -- yeah. And she has a new -- new book coming out the moon in more. By Sarah -- there -- -- and we got what I welcome welcome via Skype and boy we hope this works. Yeah okay. Okay. -- I want you to know very very special. Robin Roberts sticking around to join us and realize yeah. I might be featured on the it was -- Sarah. You know you put your heart and soul in this what's it like when this day finally arrives. -- -- Like having a great. Currently on track and that you back -- the tower and -- Just that they liked him. Yeah Erica I ask you mean how do you create your characters and you know their people that maybe you know let's let's. Characters in your books but but -- -- -- Okay -- -- -- -- and even famous night and back and I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You have the Sarah tell us floated about the book everything you have a huge following but people who are not hard not familiar with you wouldn't know a bit about what your books -- -- Why -- she's gotten -- so it's basically -- well enough. I've mostly girls we might expect a van that I have some -- -- that they -- -- covers so. Early in outlining it isn't a small beach town and it's this summer -- of where she's got off to college students she had her whole life laid out she's blaming her boyfriend employment is in school. And then -- -- happens in my text everything changes. Some of this summer and everything changed. -- If we have so enjoyed getting to know you talk on Twitter and I think back I -- you know that. You treated us the you've got here I believe hobby to have -- -- meeting with your agent and that you're gonna have your sign and we -- You know frankly -- -- you you became our friend as we became friends and so they you know I just want I want you to know. How much you mean to us and how lovely it is that -- -- people are like you are out there who enjoy what we do and we want to know how much we enjoy what you do and how it's so wonderful. The -- yeah. -- Sarah we wish you all the -- I can't wait to dig into this book -- and myself I know my producer asked for a copy everybody's nice guy and I got a lot of -- I don't mind. Hey everybody again it is the moon and more Sarah -- and why deadlock early polls. Don't have a burgers and I was you know when you are well. He loves -- -- she's ever you want like national donut yeah. -- -- I don't imagine. Dave Ross says that it must be sound -- as well right. National -- and listen to him Robin Roberts like you are there different guys you're an -- OK -- Let's first -- -- talk about. Pink tissue experience yet -- on the program you guys really yesterday evening we love obviously hearing what are viewers -- we always want in the output from them in terms of -- -- this -- sort of a silly fun experiment to do something. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't equate ties and -- ties for us I mean it is the one I've always said its -- -- the one thing I can Wear this suit every day this shirt everyday I changed the time every day in the bottom look at that onion soup and yeah. All we've got that's true and you takes time -- all my -- apart like. -- and my popcorn liquid liquid might just did what you do you know took but one but he disappeared so your shoes that I think it matters -- -- prominent. I think once. Every solid ties that the producers showed his real name is sad you know would you allow us that seemed -- and just go pick out really wild zany issues and I said of course. That's not going to be fun and it's like. Right now it's golf tennis but I don't think I tell you something I think it's gonna happen that this is a little bit of a -- Because I while we're in the middle of the show so I get on that -- -- to Thompson for -- -- anything for some time. Why don't we let the audience choose -- the background at Times Square if you get Yorktown to vote. -- we can Cheney step back from times. There asking her ten. Right yes Saint Louis and I think we're gonna do it. -- -- Corporate India we had a really get confirmation right now I don't -- stop talking about other issues would you dish out -- Sam have really needed to get let off some negative. I will say like salmon I really -- -- to win and they didn't they didn't let me sound really thought you know and -- -- -- America might I don't Americans. -- -- -- -- -- We really thought we really thought we might have been deployed to get Larry in these but no I. Anybody know this -- nobody -- on the Sargent Mike. Clown shoes -- made -- theaters to ourselves. Thank you to producers you really -- -- punching me yet again -- houses insidious and adequate chance yesterday. Superman but the man of steel have suddenly isn't so -- it is. -- walk run don't walk to go see this sentiment -- that -- channahon today who plays like that. This sort of bad guy but he's got a motivation for what he's doing it is -- Abdominal movie. And here's hoping nominal -- and a lot of us than him me included have been disappointed by movies that you think you are going to be. Loved the characters -- you loved comic books -- you think this is going to be great movie. This will not disappoint you know -- and this is not bringing -- -- is not -- I wish -- well and I -- we will that's your only suspended -- lavishing. The enemy. -- hit and it is -- in the money monster monster monster it's so good you don't you've got jobs got into the sex say before we worry even on the air and and looked across the destiny and said. You wanna be Nicole's -- -- ticked off. Feel noted that god -- -- I it's I've got a book to read on a year you know and coolest lost you are Israel it has. Cool I'm not the girl's mom regularly last weekend at his lacrosse champions -- -- -- He looked underneath the Ruble crash helmet I saw like a little too long names are trying to and I am experimenting. But -- you have to picture this this. As a young man who -- -- who from from this problem and he shot yeah and sell this don't you -- You have a shoddy child that torture premium car and you are like anything but -- and parents. Half. Plus -- -- one of the most competitive people and on assailant with a. Every tell us that it got like animals -- with -- just gotten so Kelly's my producer. And it's just like eating what do you -- the baby evaluate a plastic. New Orleans marching on -- -- -- the scene here is Indian and -- -- all of them. I don't know I just -- so bitten by the tennis fog and Kelly I had never met somebody as competitive as any and now apparently we can't even practiced together. We treat him like he literally ball -- each other. Okay -- calling others happens to those Big Dig up the work for the job which is to know and in the mid -- department like -- -- bustle and -- about that funny like hot hot sex and it. Nothing and he's like any idea what it's above above us yeah -- -- He's a good game judge -- received Larry down. -- But let them I'm not -- -- you can -- with the they started that -- steady friend and your friends hey his daughter and via the Internet. But she wanted to jobs live writer. -- -- And did -- live -- so well yeah. Legislation all right candy -- We get some politics just thought yeah this is about -- story that that I spotted a couple days ago in that time for on the show we keep getting so packed with he. He didn't go down on this critical of The Backstreet Boys on the big sacks in the world as you now. We saw that first and we feature banner summer concert series last year got the park -- teenage girls and consumers say they get out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that was them last year the group that was still finding new and untapped demographic got their -- like -- lot like Venice. Thanks for asking him just might like -- has -- Q. -- -- Yeah -- really can't contact. You had no idea that's democratic -- admirable and I have never sleep. Like yeah. That's right. Canton okay. Okay. We Shaq and I guess -- It's not. You -- we -- Tonight I guess we're having using -- our goodness so and then there -- the boys. Because you may be number one with young females eighteen to twenty and then how do you rate with pandas from three how important that the new -- -- -- It would and history of pandas always look like people in panda suits he -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Honestly don't care about anything that's going on others in the little him lose many of them by just -- Kabul and laid back into my my -- and. -- -- Their job is like a -- I think it's -- its. I'm really into his eyes of all men inside. At bottom right are you missed this yesterday we roll out something brand new brand new all I know I guess I was in the middle of -- meeting trying to concentrate and I so when did you see did you see -- Ladies and -- -- All of the day when it comes my friends and -- errors call -- been. Go to this screaming dog and we holy -- And invited -- Plan B I didn't warn you in case you have sensitive ears. Yeah. OK I feel like -- Television. The only. Please make -- a giant Internet superstar -- here you. -- -- Yeah. Right now right handed to me and staggering and in her bag honestly guys -- -- -- it might well its greatest moment that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not ours I have the senate to -- when she did something they haven't been much I don't want to do. What we put this on the part what we put this up on him Yahoo!. Look at applicant academies and cat stalking you can -- you. -- This just in -- Thanks very important on the -- Yeah. Yeah. I really -- -- here will you we won't we find out he won't. Spend the budget here Dick -- We have where. I love you very. Well.

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{"id":19320163,"title":"GMA LIVE (06.04.13)","duration":"13:59","description":"Josh, Lara and Sam revisit the choices made by the \"GMA\" audience on \"GMA Live!\"","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-060413-19320163","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}