GMA LIVE (08.27.13)

Sam and Lara speak with a woman who is biking across the U.S. for a good cause.
13:02 | 08/27/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.27.13)
Okay. Today on the parent like totally trying -- -- Do you can send not -- -- should you ever personally solid. Sometimes I find myself and the little the first order of the Phillies on my favorite cities I'm Penn State and I am not very proud had. -- fan and also we Philly cheese she think -- yeah. I wish I had right now and and how are you always filling the parking meter have you ever left one unfilled -- but I would not on the -- Is there something wrong with you because I totally yeah. What -- -- us now with what I know did you actually do the animal exercise or no it was too primal it looks it was difficult well no I think I can handle it but I do not in this -- know we know. No no no -- reveal -- ruling on would be different. The good evening America and -- At least ten day. -- -- what a voice everybody in here was just like oh yeah I you know I wasn't I didn't know. And that I was familiar with her music -- she sang -- like oh up she sings this -- this -- the son she has some pipes yep yep -- is not Brady's Bush's favorite moment. Of today shout him. Laughing review during top news at -- -- Chavez Rafael Nadal pictures -- do. I'm blurred pictures but it later tennis pictures. Because you went to I did I what is the what is this tennis fans really hurts it called the US open -- yesterday -- my dear friend. -- -- And out I have my friend -- -- are so generously offered me one of her tickets she's on the court literally. Right behind because of Brothers this amazing tennis prop -- -- foresee every year some in girls' day out this for crazy best friends. I was we laughed hysterically because I -- we were so close and of course from Rafa Nadal. -- -- -- I'm very attractive very attractive young man who plays tennis. I didn't get that shot. -- Canada's malfunction and it doesn't off. Hainan kind -- -- now trying to what you're -- a -- -- yeah -- -- gonna think you'll hear the real you. I think it -- film. Ortega was taking the video the camera was on video L -- related civil war hold cougars just have a good. It's so good on but I mean and he -- Are so wonderful and -- so yeah I mean you know you you know someone really well and then when you need their friends. You know it's just it's kind of cool because then you realize they really are -- -- people when this -- by great people here and and you are you know your your friend or not they're amazing. Women and I just wanna say congratulations to both Williams sisters this is the big story of the day is that. We expected Serena number one seed to win but Venus who was unseeded. Unranked came in and beat the twelfth seed which is a big deal -- you know they're there there are people who wonder how long she'll go she says she is in no intentions at all. Of giving up and she crushed that's at my picture that's how close -- she signing autographs there great -- me. On the I didn't ask that they -- so -- look at and I didn't -- push an eight year old yeah. And I did secretly but I didn't I didn't that was appropriate. So. But I mean I was just so great to see her she had a brain to saying the first time that she's done. The braid the hair thing since 1997. She has never ever lost a first round at at any -- she's ever played so. She's in it to win it we'll see -- this could be a great. Williams moment you know what this summer camp when you start talking -- -- You really in my mind I thought I was I was down the -- what do -- -- is not an adult. -- we're back at -- back. It's so funny because you you and Josh and an even Robin to some extent wheeled Wilson around and they and I honestly get so -- because they talk about sports. And ice my mind goes took place that is like. I don't know like the beach but if I don't I don't. I don't whatever everybody is I don't have the passion -- and they do they know all the numbers they know all the players they know all that I have as much as they really will -- basketball tennis is my main thing -- diving is on me. But. So I hope we have food coming -- -- -- -- I love this I thank you. The -- This is why the -- at least trying to get back -- Gentlemen if you're looking for a job anywhere near that. Philadelphia who want to talk this time because we that we -- -- Tell me your name lieutenant Francis OK lieutenant Francis. It could you could you got it you just didn't just do the -- -- -- -- The Philadelphia Police Department is looking for -- good men and women who would like to join our ranks as a Philadelphia police officer. All right and so if you want to it's www. Philly police dot com. And the second question on that survey is we're requires that you not -- Sam Champion a ticket. In the city of Philadelphia that a robbery that is not an appropriate that the wrong thing that's so wrong arm we will share there's been -- -- I just can't the moment -- Can I get a sharp knife and I'll cut up some of -- some other -- is that got -- look at me like now I think. I got here are some of the -- with -- -- people. Yeah because I'm just a large is here ladies and gentlemen and what we do that because I would look at the audience -- taste that Philly pretzel just -- -- I -- -- with the might just a minute ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think pretty remarkable you -- the country. I've biked across the country from or again -- I finish on Saturday in Rhode island's. Where -- -- Charlestown Rhode Island. Why don't come get -- and that really only one road through Kansas no kidding. Getting. Now I didn't really get lost so come -- they're just amazing that. 100 dark rainy night where you're hiking in your just like I don't let me do this anymore well you don't go to the hardest state to get -- Kansas. Actually I'm -- and Kansas -- So you go for the -- the continental divide about eight or nine times -- routes and to you means. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't do that without you did not get back and we also say why you're doing this because you're raising money for childhood obesity and awareness of -- be -- I know I know -- I'll not go -- -- we're not we're not broad childhood obesity on Mary's. Ideologically. Pizza while I talk to about. Look like yeah. It made. President and the obvious yeah. All right and then -- -- we just how much might injuries 191000 dollars and and he -- this point nine billion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People before we go any further how to people add to that out of they find you and add to that healthier generation got -- -- cake is a good thing you read it because I would've said dot com so it's a healthy earth and that's TH IER for those of you like me who cannot spell anymore. Healthier generation. Dot org yes and the and and that's the way to add money but not so what are we doing wrong besides the obvious that we're snacking on the pizza to pretzels -- it's like a 1 o'clock in afternoon. And we not feel like -- that's true you know we're just -- yes it is perhaps. I -- -- -- I'm probably won't work out regularly I had every single day but what what advice do you have. You know not only -- -- raise my entry -- -- be an advocate for great healthy living tell us so your nationally school health and I think. Most of passion I have been the reason -- pick the alliance for healthier generation. Is because our students are coming -- They're hungry some of them are students who cared they don't know when they're gonna get their next meal right on some of them are -- -- there's a lot going on kids' lives. And they're not -- to you achieve academically. As well as they -- the I think are uncomfortably high in America for kids who go to school hungry and not knowing where their next meal I mean. Uncomfortably high yes and this is something that we should not not be okay. I agree and as we keep cutting physical education we keep cutting health education and social workers and school nurses in. So you know what -- do you it's you create supportive healthy environments board vote. Students and staffs and that it. We are creating healthy school media and that's really what it's about a love -- I mean they've ways that. -- that you wrote on that is my bicycle all -- -- -- -- hired school man I love not by -- It if say an eleven years all but that's a great example of how you also don't need bastard -- to get a great work out I don't -- a lot of money you need to have. The will and the wants to do it and you certainly have not. I'm not everybody please consider giving give us -- the website -- time. Healthier generation that lord on your dinner generation dot org we thank you so -- -- -- just. McCain -- -- you know Saturday all right I'm ready. What I think. Yeah all right so I didn't get -- now move on to pop back struck. -- got on top he's moment and down Alfredsson this one -- Weaver looked in the mirror 1 morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- Here not to go it and he thinks he sees another. Yet despite -- But it's really not and other -- -- up -- -- I didn't want to do this on the show Ross Steve I think Antonin. Actually Ross the -- away. Roswell we've seen you for just a minute brought here yeah although he -- not -- not very Smart and he's gonna keep ramming himself. And that's -- which is -- So I also -- -- putting out on the big show. You can also credits they did you know he realized the first time he's staying in his own head and you know it to the glass that he many dissenting Donohue guitar this to you guys don't you got -- guys -- way too far down the road on this conversation. Why do they have a -- -- Why -- yeah. I never even thought of and I hope you don't. Go to -- take the goat out of the house sleazy negative impact going to put in the yard I don't care I don't care. Let me ask you come -- and my -- my the only one as they didn't. -- -- well thank you so on so many Ross you were wrong yeah. I love your options out -- was lovely with the lovely lovely feeling that calls for another piece -- Okay you know. So what do we do now the player today -- Whether you about a monkey then instead of a doubt please don't tell me -- -- living in the house with people I had just don't good it's in the car -- so much better. Com and by the way this morning we go to I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just one of those words -- 190. -- -- only -- rally rally rally every time that there's a little monkey and in my eyes and legs yeah. -- he. He's an annual Thanksgiving he just steal -- -- and please don't yeah he's he's still my all right. OK and -- these monkeys run up to -- all you like is like really think he's kind of laughing guy again he could go much after the -- pleases my term. You not -- my Hanks. -- Tim -- -- really need right and I'm sure I'm not sure about this morning and -- because there's so many questions I have a life if there was no self inflicted harm on the -- you know ironic clearly emerald girl and Adam Ross there's no there's no like he said he -- throw the exhibit guy like it was the end exit. It really brings it -- ago. -- -- -- China are all making keeping people are very good record that -- anger and look -- beautiful haven't had a today OK we're we're actually Iraq. -- gotten from yesterday mistrust. Talking yesterday -- Matt Mason and his dog -- -- -- longstanding friendship today we're gonna see a similar story of animal loyalty. -- that's that's the dog that's yesterday and today we have kitten. Kidney -- she likes to act like sibling to a baby boy that you get in lots of trouble Clara. And she demands to be around him all the time she even mini me out -- -- him when she's highlighting the -- together twenty forced out and Lily doesn't mind sitting by the fact rabbit that means spending time with her vast. So that's very very few thank you Ross you have one -- -- And that is very very sweet I've taken I would say that's a B plus certain. He has told figures I love -- -- mean to me I was a little embarrassed I was I handling Pete Gaza was talking about healthy eating. But I really love -- -- doing you know what you didn't do you didn't introduce -- as raising money for childhood obesity now although I was hero -- like -- I ended because I know. But I mean I was so -- you know 22 against -- to prevent child you know how -- -- I didn't hear any that we that I don't have the pizza yes. Com. Everybody British air are proud -- and hard time would be audience and we want to take you for sharing your -- by everybody on the.

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