GMA LIVE (10.21.13)

Josh Elliott, Sara Haines, Sam Champion discuss stuffed cupcakes and the "Fusion" network.
11:23 | 10/21/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.21.13)
I thought I think -- shortly. I'm not when no one has the frosting hello we don't -- there has not. Senior knows about this I got literally when I was a kid I just I don't be scared of -- I don't like rock and I don't like happy birthday pies I read -- -- person not a -- person yes that's perfectly legitimate and Kate when I don't wanna you know Kate is I don't want -- -- case. But frosting it freaks me out I don't religion there -- some without crossing now yeah Josh the national team has. His cross the enemy I don't know that looks that looks quasi -- why do you have stuff cupcakes exactly. What is it we -- oh my god this is -- -- -- him. Here do we not know other than the party was happy to its national Campbell apple -- -- -- celebrate we have stuff -- yeah. Lots of caramel apple -- businesses I'll I'll -- that ball and. Wait wait. You know I'm not a -- so you caught me at a national cupcake and. Aren't -- apple aggregates is not on the on the celebrate caramel apple day you. -- with the caramel apple what do you now I don't know now and I can't think. You know me you know we don't want to -- You know this is amazing things in this is -- the good news -- -- These are from Jarrett -- cupcakes terrorists. -- Jarrett made them spent on. These are many well me zing I am not a person as a probably crossing. Hey guys and say yeah. Middleweight Kelly -- the height -- plan offers must go look confusion and we have some of your colleagues on this last week news a joint venture between. Who Vizio and -- friends just a little. Up to thank you go get him it's it's more -- And this is you know -- -- think about it it's not just a channel that they hope to reach him with -- oh. Viewers Spanish speaking viewers. It's verb it's a younger crowd in -- it's and perhaps reinventing television -- -- and acting and it's all English. It is largely starting on the digital side and then bringing the conversations that we see really blowing up there into our televisions and it's about finding things. The people are talking about and their real lives right not -- news on people's throats but giving them space to have. Those important heart conversation so when you first hear about the game. If -- does it say is that some you'd think yes that some might like that yes I mean how -- -- -- want to -- -- how could you not want to have those conversations with members. Have your generation now as a young person -- -- you turn on your TV night. Who are these people and why are they talking about me instead of talking with me so it's nice to actually have the opportunity to bring a lot of young people 100 just I'm just let -- Ask you this now in and as you guys get more and more cable markets in you you kind of like spread out over the next few years. How do I find your shows at 7 o'clock if you're in my market but if you're not in my market how to find -- and immediately catch on. That's one of the things that you. -- gonna wanna do is go to our website fusion dot -- because they're going to be able to get a sampling of all of the shows. And then number one thing you have to be doing is calling your cable provider and saying. There is and network ColdFusion NN -- so excited about a it's a mix of news and satire and pop culture. I wanna be able to watch my mom's a New Jersey and non -- -- rolling everyday right -- wellness. Love truly folks that is the way you get these new -- because sometimes a cable operator they wanna stick with the tried and true they wanna stick with a ones they already know. But you want something that's new and electric and fresh you got a call your cable people and say hey this is what I want it's out there are so they can do that kept. Me and it's going to be a multi city we're gonna be combining with just yet America next Monday getting under way and yes a lot of delegates -- -- your moves -- I -- I know there's a lot of dancing involved. I'm not a big dancer so that's not true as you know America that is not true to know -- -- about it but I -- -- so I think. I think -- I think they'll enjoy me I mean I hope the folks do. I don't see -- -- You are Philippine Libya tomorrow tomorrow yeah -- Are you ready. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No I'm not satisfied with silence is tough and tuck in behind what -- did everything you cannot believe there was not at all. Angola it's really been generated by -- yeah. Eight. OK everybody believes -- Menendez. Often saw hardball we -- -- -- -- again this is -- is that Clemson and Florida State. Had a huge game this past weekend didn't just allow for the home moms who are -- to get it done but take a look at -- take a look at. Comedy. The Fella it's going to be on the left of your screen okay -- -- in the hell has no shirt on yeah I didn't tell kids we got the talent thankfully because without the talent no -- absolutely. Hell yeah hello Dolly and I don't know what that this is all part ESPN. They're big traveling road show during talks. -- -- That's not -- and you know it's very well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. -- -- Here's my -- question is Santa. -- haven't you did to Columbia, South Carolina and back in the same day. You're in Miami just -- I did. All but I I think how did -- how. That may not see this coming you decide to put a show yeah. College game -- -- -- in the middle of a crowd of college students that may or may not have been up for two or three days straight yes. -- -- -- -- And it's great on the day actually have a phalanx of security folks who just -- through the crowded the median number of signs they have the yeah. Athletic like you get -- you got if they got to basically. You gotta make sure it's fit for broad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Honestly it's -- is you know it didn't happen that it's like. It's like -- it's it's a live concert. It's -- many Times Square glasses but but they have given our audience as well as on it was so good it would it's it's such it's it's it's it's quite. It was quite. -- -- Money I don't think and -- never been missing a game. We have a surprise that both for over -- we got a similar shot of -- tell you from early today watts weakened gradually Lindsay -- -- snuck into the brains yourself. Here. All the time. You can't be all but we have. Ask -- we are dressed we are dragging -- you ought to put Canada Debra -- I did the dance -- I saw that extra. And -- -- -- this morning in the big dog aptly named spin and she apparently left the planet have been. Jesus the Bernard Bernie mounted next to get rewarded with many carrots but instead -- just inhaling -- like. Most -- she nice to play around all the -- -- All hallows. Because they can't. These -- prepared -- hot it's a big girl with the news. After. You work inventory that is oh. And I that they can't I -- -- that with ice cubes. Malice here when it was the cheapest dog treat ever you can go to there Frazier -- the -- the ice machine that she would go -- -- -- I think everybody nice people they can. I got stuck to -- it. -- probably -- -- credit they freaked out completing. She not -- I don't I mean I don't blame it took me twenty years to. -- -- harassment seeking an adult parents when you don't have to burn extra calories OK let me just I carry ons are now follow up here. Josh Elliott why did it take you twenty years to start to like carrots and -- that I don't want to. If you're not enough profit problem I have a got a dietary seeing look at what causes unless it's a quick list I don't like heights OK yeah I know that I am six and a half feet up is plenty -- -- -- to. Two -- I -- -- on -- rollercoaster and -- but you have. I hate you for you now. I didn't I have in my view I want let's be very you already are high value. Why did not call one eight. I did not there was not a lightning no -- you hang on -- you're like it why can't -- god awful. It was. It was good you know all coming for you and I swear I -- -- -- we -- and I don't need zero some. Activity -- I don't need like OK here we go and either this seat -- -- me and and chloride. I don't need or -- -- to ever be. The other thing of an activity -- cell lines there's high I -- and maybe you become and what I'm sick. And didn't -- in the control room. Get on here because I need to see your face and he'll look you -- in your eyes -- you look at. I've always said this I like I don't mind being surprised on TV that's findings -- on TV's fine yes. I don't like give finally connected TV now. If you ever have a snake or spider anywhere near me I don't care how big it is let me tell you what I won't make. Sure it happens is popular or I won't make sure you do see every upbeat biggest -- you have an. I don't know what -- know how long this goes I will still swear I walk out squared the delay but yeah. Promise. They don't want snakes tomorrow no in the few yeah. -- they don't see that knows spider is. Thrown at me from a height now well I don't know how many because you know there's always stuff like that -- he's the only guy I hide. Nobody on the show there's bound to be like decorative spiders and stuff. You know I guess I'm like -- though we know now -- and I understand the intrepid Michael. And Debbie Kaye they're gonna do little watched direct. Archaeologists and yes well right now what they're GXYY. Kidneys -- there's -- we should go. -- -- -- Yeah. Monday we have a short version today because we're doing some other -- in the studio you know it's -- amazing Charlie Mary made entirely of his here and now we're gonna do taping in this do in this very studio so we -- clean up the cupcake -- and everything you know we should do. -- this little lovely studio on his hello and welcome to a. Okay. If you are likely to -- the -- I totally understand it's okay but for those of you are not an island who like how he. And we will see you tomorrow at 9 AM -- and -- Apple one is -- murders and.

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{"id":20632604,"title":"GMA LIVE (10.21.13)","duration":"11:23","description":"Josh Elliott, Sara Haines, Sam Champion discuss stuffed cupcakes and the \"Fusion\" network.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-102113-20632604","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}