Deadlock in Washington as Default Deadline Looms

With default just days away, there appears to be no real progress on Capitol Hill.
2:47 | 10/14/13

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Transcript for Deadlock in Washington as Default Deadline Looms
We begin with the clock ticking down now the midnight thursday, when the u.S. Faces the prospect of defaulting on its loans, a moment we have never seen before. There's capitol hill. They wont start working on tit until 2:00 a.M. Today. Reports from washington and wall street. Jon karl starts us from the white house right now. Good morning, jon. Reporter: Good morning, george. The clock is running out. No visible sign of progress anywhere. The leaders only had two short conversations and didn't seem to accomplish anything over the weekend. To the stairs. Let's go! Reporter: A group of veterans calling themselves the million vet march created controversy in washington when they took it upon themselves to reopen the lincoln memorial. How many want to go over to the white house? Reporter: They took the barricades on a mile-long march to the white house where they briefly clashed with police. All: You work for us. You work for us. Reporter: An admonishment from the chaplain, who, in an opening prayer urged god to help the senators in -- turning the stubbornness of impossibilities into the blessings of creative possibilities. Reporter: The senate adjourned without ending the impasse. The senate stands adjourned. Reporter: They're still fig fightifig fighting over the basics. The differences have narrowed, though. Republicans have dropped all their big demands, inlewding major charges to obama care. We're if a free fall as republicans but democrats are not far behind. Reporter: The lack of any apparent urgency around here is just plain bizarre. There is nothing scheduled at the white house. The senate doesn't come back in until 2:00 this afternoon. No meetings scheduled, at least not yet, between the major players. If they're able to reach a deal to put off the crisis, it's likely to put it off for only a few weeks or months. That's right. They had initially been working on getting something that would take us into next year at least until the end of january. Now it looks like if they're going to get to a deal, the more likely scenario is a matter of weeks. Then we'll be right back here again. Thank you, jon. Not even meetings scheduled for today. Wall street is bracing for

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{"id":20561818,"title":"Deadlock in Washington as Default Deadline Looms","duration":"2:47","description":"With default just days away, there appears to be no real progress on Capitol Hill.","url":"/GMA/video/government-shutdown-deadlock-washington-deadline-looms-20561818","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}