Grandma-to-Be Gets a Surprise Announcement

A viral video shows a mother joyously screaming and hugging her expecting daughter.
1:53 | 05/21/14

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Transcript for Grandma-to-Be Gets a Surprise Announcement
This some went viral this girl she wrote a letter to her mother and -- -- isn't your -- I can we need to Nepal had this reaction -- -- -- -- He's reading gardening that you. This -- -- we need. -- -- -- Yeah -- and maybe you. Grandma. -- may be better right thing I. Her first grand amnesty cannot contain other emotion the baby is due September -- and -- -- great you know -- The dog and -- yeah. Have to -- -- -- Yeah. -- it is just incredible. I love the daughter had to calm her mother it's a great and we ought to remember that nobody is that -- the -- My parents found. -- -- -- Yeah but Allah. And yeah we -- -- -- it is -- innovative get a coming up with that much love. You think that there really ever because if you can be grandparents for acute difficulty -- thing. I think -- -- -- -- program and my parents say you have somewhat imminent we take them home did you get a sugar high and then been -- mommy daddy for contests with a drum set and a bunch of -- yet -- Parents got thanks a lot -- I know I love it -- love it.

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{"id":23809930,"title":"Grandma-to-Be Gets a Surprise Announcement","duration":"1:53","description":"A viral video shows a mother joyously screaming and hugging her expecting daughter.","url":"/GMA/video/grandma-surprise-announcement-23809930","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}