Heavy Storms Bring Floodwaters to Minnesota Farmers

Volunteers pitch in as the National Guard works to lay sandbags against rising waters.
2:44 | 06/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Heavy Storms Bring Floodwaters to Minnesota Farmers
flood fears across the midwest. Water raging over the banks and rivers. Neal Karlinsky is in one of the hardest hit areas. In Minnesota. We're up on a berm that they have constructed to keep the flood waters at bay. The bridge is closed. You can't see the gap that runs under it. Without more rain, they have their hands full. Severe thunderstorms blew through Chicago overnight. Drenching people and wiping out power lines. Causing hundreds of delays at the airport. We sat on the tarmac for two hours. They brought us back to the gate. Took us off. Another hour. The flight is canceled. Reporter: Another system toppling trees, damaging homes. It only takes one look at this buckling bridge near Henderson, Minnesota, to get a sense of the power of a flooded river. The bridge is slowly collapsing. It's just a mess right now. Reporter: Is this bridge going to go? This bridge is gone. Reporter: We tried to reach Henderson but couldn't get past the mudslide. To the north, the National Guard is working the flood line. They can't be everywhere. And volunteers are pitching in. Some kids just showed up. Yea! Reporter: As waters continue to rise, much of the damage is in rural areas, hitting farmers the hardest. The water's been backed up here. Not far from here, it's raging. A 14-year-old boy had to be pulled when he ended up dangling from a branch until he could be rescued. Dangerous waters out here, Dan. Let's get the forecast from meteorologist Julie Durda who is with us from Miami this weekend, WPLG. Not looking good for today. No, not at all. We have heard from the national weather service, they're issued flood watches for parts of the midwest, especially where we'll see most of the rain, over parts of Minneapolis, in towards Minnesota. This is the overnight radar. The last 24 hours. The worst of the weather over Omaha, Nebraska. Moving into Iowa. This whole section is under the let of big flooding concerns. We have the flash flood watch in effect. Most likely will be upgraded to a flash flood warning. We could get an additional three inches plus. The violent storms just south of that area. Tornadoes, wind gusts, and hail. Not the news Americans want

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{"id":24251043,"title":"Heavy Storms Bring Floodwaters to Minnesota Farmers","duration":"2:44","description":"Volunteers pitch in as the National Guard works to lay sandbags against rising waters. ","url":"/GMA/video/heavy-storms-bring-floodwaters-minnesota-farmers-24251043","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}