Hero Pit Bull Saves Cat From Coyote Attack

Jack came to the aid of Kitty in a Florida yard, and now the two are inseparable.
1:04 | 10/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hero Pit Bull Saves Cat From Coyote Attack
Over the years -- have gotten their share of criticism but finally one is in the news for all the right reasons his name is Jack. -- is -- in their next to the cat but he saved. The cabins outside the other day when some coyotes decided it was time for lunch but I wasn't gonna let it happen you -- to the rescue chasing those -- -- that there. Now the owner says Jack won't leave the cast some -- is staying with the -- -- and by the way while his owner serving in Afghanistan. Well that is -- great story I mean you see a lot of hero pit bulls but you know the only time I hear the word crippled when it's it's it. You don't have but as people you know it's sensational everybody wants tune in at six deceive the the pit bull -- -- next trip when the -- bite somebody's out of pool might four year old. And all of -- -- -- -- one of these dogs in very nice dogs have -- to be very nice house that. By the way -- does have injuries even though Jack did get the rescue on time -- -- was still little beat up having a hard time getting around it suffered a broken -- and brain swelling. All -- believe that it's going to be okay go Jack he's not a religious CNN that the roundup ready for you yeah I have come back -- come back out.

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{"id":20565168,"title":"Hero Pit Bull Saves Cat From Coyote Attack","duration":"1:04","description":"Jack came to the aid of Kitty in a Florida yard, and now the two are inseparable.","url":"/GMA/video/hero-pit-bull-saves-cat-coyote-attack-20565168","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}