House Republicans make attempt at new health care bill

The White House and House Republicans are pushing to strike a new deal on health care overhaul before President Trump's 100-day mark.
2:43 | 04/21/17

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Transcript for House Republicans make attempt at new health care bill
The countdown is on the president congress have just one week to come together on a funding bill or the governor will shut down. Vice president Mike Pence in Australia today on the final leg this trip the Asia Pacific region where he's delivered some tough warning to North Korea that regime is firing back. And house Republicans take another crack at health care try to strike a new deal before president trumpets his hundred days in office next Saturday. White House pushing hard behind the scenes look at the latest from our senior White House correspondent Sonia Vega mourning said. Figured good morning to you the White House and the president hope to be able to. Tick off a long list of accomplishments when he hits that 100 day mark so far. Health Care Reform is not on that list but this White House is hoping to change that's. The Italian prime minister by his side president trump in the White House trying to sound optimistic about his promise to overturn obamacare we're doing very well and healthcare we'll see what happened. But this is a great billed as a great plan. And this will be great health care it's. Evolving behind the scenes aides working feverishly to resurrect a signature campaign promise that went down in flames after Republicans failed to reach an agreement. It's very very tight margins. We had no Democrat supports the president's team hoping to lock in a new plan by the time he hits his first 100 days in office next Saturday. And there is a major obstacle in their way. A looming government shut down if congress doesn't pass a funding bill by next Friday asked which is more important. Overturning obamacare or keeping the government open and want to get both. He shocked to hear that sources say the new plan would keep some popular parts of obamacare late coverage for preexisting conditions but individual states could ask to opt out of some of those key mandates to help keep down the cost of insurance. And congress is still out on its recess so the real test comes next week when they return but right now there is no indication that the Republicans who opposed. Health Care Reform bill on the last one are now ready for a new deal on this new one and Democrats right now George already saying no way Nancy Pelosi calls this plan. Worse than last. Are they say it's not going anywhere meantime on his government funding. Talks behind the scenes been going pretty well on Capitol Hill to keep government open for some time but in this stumbling block is emerging right now this White House demand. For funding for the border wall. Yeah I you know the clock is ticking right now on this deadline for this government shut down the White House really is calling drawing drawing a hard line on this one they say Democrats have to help. Fund this border while this is a priority for the president this is a sticking point for them but look George Democrats are holding the line they say the White House is moving in with a heavy hand right now and the government's lack can stay open some Democrats at least on both were since leaving the thanks very much.

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{"id":46932277,"title":"House Republicans make attempt at new health care bill","duration":"2:43","description":"The White House and House Republicans are pushing to strike a new deal on health care overhaul before President Trump's 100-day mark.","url":"/GMA/video/house-republicans-make-attempt-health-care-bill-46932277","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}