Injured Acrobat Wants to 'Get Back Up in the Air'

Samantha Pitard fell 35 feet during a hair-hanging act in Providence, R.I.
3:15 | 05/07/14

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Transcript for Injured Acrobat Wants to 'Get Back Up in the Air'
Like any normal day -- -- go into. That the curtain. We -- taker black groups. We warm up a little more we get hooked. Troop leader -- -- she -- every day you guys ready to go up. We get pulled up. Music starts everything's normal curtain falls. We started doing our first little -- -- and about. Three seconds and here huge crack and we just got them. The response time was incredible. Thing -- soon as. People sought a prop coming down they just ran and then. It was off of us immediately and we had. A bunch of people a bunch of other performers come out and how the paramedics were very fast. The response he was very fast it was really -- main thing. But I sitting up looking at all the -- Trying to I couldn't see everybody if and there like he needs to lay down amendments like. But they made me. So I asked they said is everybody. Alive is everybody okay and they said yes everybody's consciousness everybody's response. And then as slick -- honestly this is a miracle like how does that happen. How are -- -- OK not okay that you know how -- alive. So lawyer right -- Planet over on do really well. I have a couple of small fractures in the spine and that I actually really can't field -- that's that. I got a cut on my head so. I three stitches. And then when I came down I bit my tongue really hard says it. Kind of -- -- -- to. And -- I definitely plan on going back to the show first -- Not sure in what capacity in mean we. Girls that are gonna take a lot longer than me so I'm not sure if hair -- we'll ever be part is. This show again. And but I have to go back I did some stuff for the pre show -- production numbers. So anything that I can do all -- but I am gonna stick around here. With the girls. For as long as I need to as long as they need me here and just -- be moral support. I love that -- -- much it was. It's a really beautiful -- is really amazing a lot of world records broken in the one act. I hope that eventually someday in -- building and I hear again I just. I just -- give back up in the air when I can in some way and show everybody that I am okay and I know a lot of other girls. Feel that way -- they -- They want to come back and get back to what we love dealing this isn't stopping us.

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{"id":23622885,"title":"Injured Acrobat Wants to 'Get Back Up in the Air'","duration":"3:15","description":"Samantha Pitard fell 35 feet during a hair-hanging act in Providence, R.I. ","url":"/GMA/video/injured-acrobat-wants-to-get-back-up-in-the-air-23622885","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}