IVF Treatment and Egg-Freezing Costs Could Go Down

ABC News' Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports on the latest health news.
1:49 | 10/22/16

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Transcript for IVF Treatment and Egg-Freezing Costs Could Go Down
We have a whole lot of health headlines that women of all ages need to hear. Joining us is Dr. Jenashton. Jen, thanks for joining us. Good morning. I know you just got back from a really big reproductive cost where they talked about lowering the cost of egg freezing. Cost and affordable. For ivf. A new study done on some women using what's called modified natural cycle ibf. Fewer drugs and had good live birth outcomes savings of over $7,000 per live birth and for egg freezing, a company called prelude fertility combining a four-step process, egg freezing, embryo creation, and single embryo transfer for $199 a month, trying to bring it more mainstream and shift that paradigm from infertility to fertility. Every woman's ears were perking up. A compound in wine that could help women struggling with a particular disorder. Right, so don't start drinking so much wine yet but talking about a compound known as resveratrol and a hormonal condition called pcos, polycystic ovarian syndrome that can cause high testosterone, women who took $1500 million grams a test lowered the testosterone levels but interesting finding. A new study about pregnancy and outcomes. Healthy obese women with pore pregnancy outcomes is a powerful reminder that good nutrition and avoiding obesity before and during pregnancy is very important for mother and baby. That's why you wrote your book "Eat this, not that when you're expecting." Jen Ashton, great to have you here. A sweet edition of "Pop news" that's coming up. Stick with us, everybody. So when my asthma symptoms kept coming back

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{"id":42985255,"title":"IVF Treatment and Egg-Freezing Costs Could Go Down","duration":"1:49","description":"ABC News' Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports on the latest health news.","url":"/GMA/video/ivf-treatment-egg-freezing-costs-42985255","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}