Jack Osbourne: 'My Dad Is Highly Intelligent, Very Emotional'

Ozzy at home... babysits, drinks tea, watches History Channel.
3:00 | 12/06/13

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Transcript for Jack Osbourne: 'My Dad Is Highly Intelligent, Very Emotional'
And even a deliberate effort to become. Almost the anti. Ozzy Osborne up up up now because I think a lot of adult. I would say a lot of what -- know and lot of -- Miami is heavily influenced by. Is that my dad you know a lot of his crazy antics have overshadowed. Kind of remind -- is upon -- and and and the -- and I know is Ozzy Osbourne is not the Protestant. You know everyone -- unveils in my mind that as a highly intelligent. Very emotional. On complex process and -- Is is quite deliberate -- and he you know he knows. He knows what he's doing and how he's doing an ounce can affect people you know to be quite honest with you like having watched the Osborne's. I think that that was very evident on the show I appreciate that at its -- things -- people still do. You know. Reflect on you know the crazy -- the and that's you know yes heat he has been pleasant variety that -- now. My that's the guy that you come nominees -- slippers unease and drinking tea on the count watching History Channel. What is it like to have Ozzy -- as a grandfather. Now -- is kind of more than just a slobbering paper weight now she's a human all right let the if that's the he's is very you know he likes to hang out with and I'd left and left -- that for a few hours a couple couple weeks ago when I come back and she's -- like. All his jewelry on and it like playing in the now in the Bagram and just -- -- -- is like gold breaks. Throwing. It's kind of funny your -- -- like okay next time ten minutes -- A it's always find it to its intricately -- of what you think it's gonna come out of your mother's or your father's -- because I mean there is you know I I get to read my mother's mouth buses my -- worked at Soledad that and that I had a feeling windy winds. -- -- She know that -- she know that now now -- I have always like you know you've got to stop thinking about in other than -- more than one member of this family you know and he said he stuff. We have to hear about it. -- -- -- I think. I'm -- -- mall like my mom in some in. The good ways I think among my dad back but -- -- I think community. -- -- strict when it comes to school. With -- and my parents -- Atlantic and you don't have to go if you wanted to opening minute in the mall that -- -- So you're 28. Mary. Beautiful young daughter. What's next. -- not a kid. Preference not a kid in the main thing is that it is kind of it's like you think what your order like from a from the menu -- -- -- -- -- -- but that maybe tea. I don't know I just right right now I. In about production company is is what do you know put an autograph a tentative. You know we're doing well it was sold three shows this year and a -- ball on -- how do you remain so humble. I mean. You have -- captured such humility. Looking at at it all of the experiences of extremes that you've gone through I don't take. Kind of it -- -- the Hollywood kind of thing seriously I think it's I think it's fun and a and I like. What I do and and I love the creative aspect of it and I love the opportunities -- gained from it but at the end of the day it's and payment so. Around on camera and get aids threat like I -- how can anybody take pat seriously.

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{"id":21125456,"title":"Jack Osbourne: 'My Dad Is Highly Intelligent, Very Emotional'","duration":"3:00","description":"Ozzy at home... babysits, drinks tea, watches History Channel. ","url":"/GMA/video/jack-osbourne-dad-highly-intelligent-emotional-21125456","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}