Jessica Lange, Actress, Author, Banana Bread Fanatic

Jessica Lange stops by Katie.
2:53 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for Jessica Lange, Actress, Author, Banana Bread Fanatic
You're -- in the news for some of the illustrations from her new children's book called. It's about a little bird and -- can't help how -- you. Happen to write a children's book in your spare time. It wasn't a deliberate. Project I wanted to make. A little handmade book for my granddaughters for their Christmas presents so I wrote a story kind of made up this story about them and and their grandmother telling them stories. An and I illustrated it -- My own photography that I hand tempted to which is a very old process and photography. Before color film of course if you need if you wanted to you know -- -- cheeks or whatever you do colored it in with photo oil. There's an example -- -- -- a black and white -- that you yeah and then basically painted anyway. They're really began only -- it's not that tired but you know it's time consuming and he made a lot of mistakes and you start over but it's of forgiving. Medium and -- -- let me go to sky mean you have and the associated with some of the most sort of interest dean I think man. Mikhail Baryshnikov Sam Shepperd. How important is that at this stage of your career in your life tends to be in a relationship. I don't know you know I mean -- kind of man and it has a big change in my life. -- know it after a relationship that lasted 28 years but I also think that. It's going to move kind of floored me or push me into that the next chapter of my life which. I think might be -- -- I don't know well you know yeah. You mentioned that in your buck. You have a recipe for banana bread -- and it's so cute. We actually -- recipe -- I picked up last night. I'm getting out but he did they -- says yeah that -- have somebody address any come from. It's my mother's will after she died I had all these recipes one day and I laid them all out on the table and you know was looking at her handwriting and the way she had and it was really so I just that. What a beautiful little thing to include in the book too -- a little tribute in her yes and well I just took a bite and let me tell -- ask banana banana. Thank you so much thank you they are coming by good luck with the book they not give shell thank you came -- -- this next chapter in your lane Q.

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{"id":20889493,"title":"Jessica Lange, Actress, Author, Banana Bread Fanatic","duration":"2:53","description":"Jessica Lange stops by Katie.","url":"/GMA/video/jessica-lange-actress-author-banana-bread-fanatic-20889493","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}