Kelly Monaco Opens Up on Relationship

Actress, "Dancing" finalist discusses bond with dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy.
2:09 | 11/26/12

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Transcript for Kelly Monaco Opens Up on Relationship
People have clearly been speculating about -- it you because you have that great chemistry that judges say you need to deliver every week on audience -- Would you like to set their interest rates. Prairie thing out like do you guys are you -- in a relationship. Resume in the form of -- she can't be used whenever it's similar to that in the twelve hour of the day. Mike -- ring -- I mean you know all the -- because I even went -- I have a little. Of course -- exclusive mixes the only person I've seen literally the last -- once I honestly. I eat breathe can't have that sleep who. Ironic girls dancing -- artists. -- there's anything that's everything I've known honestly have isolated myself for everything that I've ever done. For the past -- months and when we first -- those the first thing I said you know we're going to be measurements for months. You -- my number one priority and I hope to be yours wealth and -- the only way we're going to be successful -- an axis of and is of the snowman snow -- and sold genuine and that's exactly what it looks like unto you is exactly what it is all of the television screen. I don't know I think one of the reasons why we connected is. Much on those. -- in the -- to pity card but I felt really relevant on the show and on the last two seasons have been really. Insignificant on my part I haven't lived up to my own expectations I've been. You know my brother's little room Max is little brother and that was my claim to fame and I felt really months in in the corner ironically you know and and her with a very experience on the show yes she -- season one. Blood it's you know the predictions lead enough to -- source season was who was stripped of the title after the recount in season one and I mean she was bullied around and coming into the season. Prominence -- seasons she was also looked at as lights out. A -- you know so I -- we connected and that. We connected just all our understanding and support for one another -- his street --

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{"id":17809311,"title":"Kelly Monaco Opens Up on Relationship","duration":"2:09","description":"Actress, \"Dancing\" finalist discusses bond with dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy.","url":"/GMA/video/kelly-monaco-opens-relationship-17809311","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}