Michael Skakel Out on Bail After Moxley Murder Conviction Overturned

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks about cousin's release from jail and JFK's legacy.
3:00 | 11/22/13

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Transcript for Michael Skakel Out on Bail After Moxley Murder Conviction Overturned
Kennedy cousin, michael skakel, is out on bail this morning. We will hear from his cousin, robert f. Kennedy jr., In a moment. He's here in the studio with us. But first, abc's ron claiborne with more. Reporter: This morning, for the first time in 11 years, michael skakel is waking up a free man. At least for now. The 53-year-old, granted bail thursday, after an appeals court, vacated his 2002 murder conviction. We're going to set a bond of $1.2 million. The release, applauded by family. As skakel was ordered to stay in connecticut and wear a gps tracking bracelet. Hopefully, we're at the first step of righting that wrong and making sure that an innocent man now goes free. Reporter: For the family of martha moxley, who skakel had been convicted of beating to death with a golf club back in 1975, disappointment. Michael skakel is guilty. We knew it would happen when it actually happened. The reality of it all sinks in. And it was a jolt. Reporter: Skakel, a nephew of robert kennedy's widow, ethel, was granted bail, after a judge ruled that his defense counsel, mickey sherman, botched his defense. On thursday, his new lawyer, partly blamed his conviction, on dominick dunne, and mark furman. Both men wrote best-sellers about the case and publicly pointed the finger at skakel. Because of the atmosphere that was created, that really was the death blow in terms of him getting a fair trial. Reporter: The state hoping to send him back to prison, is appealing the ruling that led to skakel's release. For "good morning america," ron claiborne, abc news, stanford, connecticut. Our thanks to ron claiborne. And joining us now, is michael skakel's cousin, robert f. Kennedy jr. Appreciate you spending time with us this morning. Thanks for having me. I know you've been a long-time supporter of your cousin. What's your feelings him waking up a free man this morning? I'm really happy. I didn't see him yesterday. I spoke to him on the phone. A lot of the family came together to see him. And he's very, very happy. You know, he's really inspiring. He's not bitter. And he is just happy to be free. He has to stay in connecticut at this point? Yeah. And other family members will spend time with him. He's going to try to get permission from the judge to -- to leave the state for thanksgiving to spend thanksgiving with his aunt. I think he's wearing an ankle bracelet. He's not allowed to leigh the state of connecticut. But he said that, he didn't think that it was -- anybody thought there was much chance of flight. But he's the most famous fat weight person, other than the mayor of toronto now, in the world. So, there's very little chance he will be able to go anywhere and get away with it. Always able to find a sense of humor in everything. And the prosecutors in this case have said that they're going to appeal. As you know, they're going to appeal the judge's ruling of overturning the conviction. And if they win that appeal, your cousin will go back to jail. If they lose that appeal, they have vowed they will try this case again. Is the family prepared for that? I think right now, he has very good attorneys. There are, now, new suspects in the case, with strong evidence against them. People have actually confessed to committing this crime. And those people will be called. And I think it's almost impossible to conceive that he would be convicted. And I think not only will he be found not guilty. But he will be proven innocent. While you're here, sir, of course, you want to talk about your uncle, john f. Kennedy. 50 years ago today. Just the thoughts that you want to share on this day, about your uncle. Well, you know, I -- I have a piece that's running in "rolling stone" this week, about president kennedy's -- I think what is his most poignant and his most important legacy, which was keeping us out of nuclear exchange with the soviet union. And keeping us out of the war in cuba and laos. And even in vietnam. Your uncle was a man of piece. And president obama is meeting with peace corps leaders. We're thinking of your family today. Thank you. All the best to you.

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{"id":20977272,"title":"Michael Skakel Out on Bail After Moxley Murder Conviction Overturned","duration":"3:00","description":"Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talks about cousin's release from jail and JFK's legacy.","url":"/GMA/video/kennedy-cousin-michael-skakel-bail-moxley-murder-conviction-20977272","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}