Kravitz on 'Butler' Role, Working With Winfrey, Whitaker

Singer discusses portraying James Holloway in highly anticipated civil rights film.
4:30 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Kravitz on 'Butler' Role, Working With Winfrey, Whitaker
Test Text1 italics Test Text1 plain Welcome back to "good morning america." "The butler" doesn't come out until next friday. The movie is star-studded. The cast includes oscar winners, forrest -- why can't I speak? Forest whitaker, jane fonda, cuba gooding jr. Not to mention mariah carey and this guy, lenny kravitz. It took a minute to realize it was you. That's a good compliment. I appreciate that. How has the experience, not only being involved in this movie, so many use one word, important. But also playing that character, who is so elegant? It was great. I love working for lee daniels. He's a great director to work with. And he's responsible for getting me in film. Right. My role in "precious." And encouraging me to be in film. As far as the film, yes. It is an important film. It's an important film for all of us to see. Especially, I believe the youth, to be educated on all of these things. Because people go to school, they're being taught, think they. There's a lot of people that don't know about the freedom riders or civil rights in general. A it takes you from the civil rights to obama. And people have lost their lives, people of all colors. The character that you play, a lot of people didn't know existed. As members of the negro community, what are your biggest concerns? Come on now, boys. Don't be shy. Come on. Well, since you asked, sir. I did. The colored help get paid about 40% less than the white help. And it's difficult for the colored staff to be promoted. I'll tell you what. When I'm president, I'm going to look into getting you boys the raises and promotions you deserve. That would be swell, sir. John kuszcue cusack as nixon. That scene with cuba gooding and forest whitaker and john cusack. How about working with oprah winfrey. Working with oprah was wonderful, as well. She's such a presence. And I think a lot of people assumed that she might have come to the deck with a big oprah machine and all that. But she came as an actor. She came to do her job. And to be that character. It was low-key. Everybody, a lot of big stars in this movie. Legends. You know? And -- speaking of legends, your god mother, cicely tyson, was your date on the red carpet for the premiere. What did she think about your performance? She liked it a lot. I mean, she -- you know, she's such an amazing actress. And I grew up with her my whole life. I would like people to know that she approved of my performance. The tyson stamp of approval. And she was moved by the film. I could see her, while we were watching it, getting very emotional because so many memories that she was part of. Any "hunger games" fans out here? I was happy to read you'll be in the second installment. Oh, yeah. What a pleasure to be part of that amazing franchise, as well. Another amazing gift. Will you keep making music? I have a new album for the beginning of 2014. I love it. We want to sing with you. We want to play games with you. Next time. When I come back. Deal. Lenny kravitz, everybody. And, please, give us a favorite. If you have a chance check out lee daniels' "the butler." This

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{"id":19903227,"title":"Kravitz on 'Butler' Role, Working With Winfrey, Whitaker","duration":"4:30","description":"Singer discusses portraying James Holloway in highly anticipated civil rights film.","url":"/GMA/video/lenny-kravitz-interview-2013-butler-actor-james-holloway-19903227","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}