Mandela Sign Language Interpreter Says He Suffered Schizophrenic Episode

South African sign language translator claims he saw angels at stadium during memorial service.
2:14 | 12/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mandela Sign Language Interpreter Says He Suffered Schizophrenic Episode
We're hearing from the infamous imposter at nelson mandela memorial service. The sign language on stage just inches from president obama was displaying the sign equivalent of gibberish. Gio benitez here with the latest. Reporter: So many asking how was he even there? The south african government speaking out this morning. And so is the interpreter himself. Saying he's schizophrenic. This morning, a shocking confession from the man at the center of an international controversy. I see angels climb into the stadium. Reporter: Speaking out for the first time since his head-scratching translation of nelson mandela's memorial. The interpreter says, he isn't a fraud like so many have claimed. But that he had a schizophrenic episode during the event. And he started hallucinating. Sometimes, violence. Sometimes I will see, like, things. And you know, I was in a very, very, very difficult position. Reporter: He is admitting he is seeking treatment for schizophrenia. And he has been violent in the past. The revelation raising grave concerns this morning. He was front and center at the memorial, just feet away from mandela's family and 91 heads of state. But it wasn't long before people started noticing his signs didn't match the other translator on south african television. We applaud you and thank you for that. Reporter: One expert who is deaf, told us through an interpreter, that he doesn't even know the sign for the name nelson mandela. Nelson mandela -- this is nelson mandela, because of the fact that he used to home his hair in the side. Reporter: He insisted he attended high-profile events before. Including this one, beside president zuma. If I have offended anyone, please, forgive me. Reporter: And the south african government now saying this morning, it did not hire the interpreter. Instead, it says they paid the company he works for. Owners of that company have disappeared. Thanks very much. Let's go to josh with the top stories. We're going to begin with a

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{"id":21189696,"title":"Mandela Sign Language Interpreter Says He Suffered Schizophrenic Episode","duration":"2:14","description":"South African sign language translator claims he saw angels at stadium during memorial service.","url":"/GMA/video/mandela-sign-language-interpreter-suffered-schizophrenic-episode-21189696","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}