Mechanic's Apparent Joy Ride in Customer's Vehicle Caught on Dashcam

The owner of the car was shocked to see what happened after he dropped it off at a dealership.
2:50 | 04/17/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mechanic's Apparent Joy Ride in Customer's Vehicle Caught on Dashcam
The owner of this car says he was shocked to see what happened on his dash cam after he dropped off his car at a dealership. Somebody took it out for a joyride. Matthew Broderick was not behind it. When you happened over the keys, how do you make sure this doesn't happen? Good morning, Eva. Reporter: Call it knanaive. But most of us don't think anything of dropping car off to be fixed. Think twice any time you hand over your keys. A mechanic's joyride caught on camera. This is going to be fun. Reporter: The owner of this Audi shocked to find this dash cam video after hi picked up his car. According to the owner, this is a worker hitting 87 miles per hour and blasting the radio. ♪ the owner discoverered the video, he posted it right on the dealer's Facebook page. Accusing its staff of abusing a car while it was supposed to be serviced. Shame on you. When you're handing over the keys to your car you have to be careful. Reporter: But kit be more than just a joyride. Like the one from "Ferris bueller" when you hand over the keys to a stronger. Reporter: We dropped off a tesla. Workers rifling through the car. Lifting a $20 bill. There are ways to pro tegt your car when you're not behind the wheel. If you have a valet key, use it so they don't have access to anything you might have stored. Reporter: And apparently your car can be a risk in a parking facility. 201, the Orlando ABC news affiliate dropped off this red corvette with a long-term parking company, a gps tracker hidden in the trunk. The station's cameras and chopper catching a string of joyrides, including the white-knuckle u-turn. You can add a discreet dash cam to your car. Reporter: Those dash cams can be installed for as little as $40. It was the only proof of a mechanic's wild ride for this Palo alto driver. He's not in trouble with the law. He's not facing charges. I was telling my friends about this last night. A buddy? Chicago said this happened to him as a car wash. A car wash. So anytime you turn your keys over. Another way to avoid it is to buy a minivan. Nobody wants to take my minivan. Surprisingly. Rifling through for 3-year-old cheerios in Paula's minivan. They're actually4-year-old. Four years old. I found a few yesterday.

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{"id":38462337,"title":"Mechanic's Apparent Joy Ride in Customer's Vehicle Caught on Dashcam","duration":"2:50","description":"The owner of the car was shocked to see what happened after he dropped it off at a dealership.","url":"/GMA/video/mechanics-apparent-joyride-customers-vehicle-caught-dashcam-38462337","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}