King of Pop's Children Set to Testify in Wrongful Death Suit

Prince, Paris are expected to testify in lawsuit blaming a concert promoter for their father's death
3:00 | 04/02/13

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Transcript for King of Pop's Children Set to Testify in Wrongful Death Suit
We turn to a day in court for michael jackson's children. Their grandmother is suing a concert promoter for negligence in michael's death and paris and prince will be the star witnesses when the trial starts today. Abc's abbie boudreau is covering it all from los angeles. She joins us now. Good morning, abbie. Reporter: Good morning, george. Members of the jackson family are seeking millions of dollars. Now, they claim the king of pop would have earned had he lived longer and his children are expected to take the stand. This morning, all eyes are on paris and prince jackson as michael jackson's two eldest children are expected to be the star witnesses in a trial where the question of who's to blame in the kick of pop's death shifts to a new defendant, concert giant aeg. The civil suit filed by katherine jackson and the jackson kids claims aeg who sponsored jackson's ill-fated this is it tour was aware the singer was not physically well. Claiming aeg put its desire for massive profits overhe health and safety of michael jackson. The lawsuit also alleges aeg committed negligence against jackson by requiring him to be treated only by the doctor aeg hired, dr. Conrad murray. Guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. Reporter: Who is now serving four years in prison for his role in the upon star's death. Four years is not enough for someone's life. Reporter: Now prince and paris are preparing to take the stand to testify about their father's final days. One of the important things that the children will need to testify about is the emotional impact as a result of the death of their father. Reporter: Their testimony is expected to be the emotional tipping point of the trial, a ranside their once super secret world with their famous father, but the jackson kids are hardly camera shy anymore. What was that like for you. Reporter: With 16-year-old prince taking on a new role as a correspondent for entertainment tonight. And 14-year-old paris, who is soon to make her acting debut is sporting a new haircut and cheerleading for her high school basketball team. We reached out to aeg for comment but the company spokesperson did not provide a rese. And, george, we're told the trial last three or four months and no doubt the world will be watching.

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{"id":18860834,"title":"King of Pop's Children Set to Testify in Wrongful Death Suit","duration":"3:00","description":"Prince, Paris are expected to testify in lawsuit blaming a concert promoter for their father's death","url":"/GMA/video/michael-jackson-wrongful-death-suit-children-paris-prince-18860834","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}