1 Million Gallons of Oil Could Leak from Barge

A barge carrying almost one million gallons of oil collided with a ship, causing massive oil leak in Texas.
3:00 | 03/23/14

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Transcript for 1 Million Gallons of Oil Could Leak from Barge
critically injured is an infant. Wish them the best. Thanks, Neil. And a busy port, a huge cleanup this morning after a barge carrying almost a million gallons of oil lcollided with a ship and leaked into galveston bay in Texas. They are looking at the impact on the area filled with all kinds of birds. Michelle Franzen is here. The collision was caught on video, but investigators are not certain who is in charge of the accident. The main concern, keeping it contained in the bay and from seeping into the gulf. This morning, a race to contain an oil spill after a barge carrying nearly 1 million gallons of fuel oil collided with a ship. We saw the tanker out of nowhere. Amateur video captured the moment of impact in the foggy galveston bay. They couldn't change direction. It was too close. Too close and the damage clear. Part of the barge remains submerged with an undisclosed amount of oil oozing from one of six tanks. That tank contains 168,000 gallons. There's oil in the water. I can't tell you if there's a substantial amount of oil. That's being assessed at this point. Federal, state and local agencies launched a massive effort, bringing in containment booms to skim the leaking oil sheen, visible on the surface. The coast guard says the 580-foot bulk carrier, summer wind, collided with the barge being towed by another vessel called the miss Susan. The scramble now, keeping the oil from spreading and seeping into the gulf. A region still recovering from the massive BP oil spill, and home to wildlife and popular fishing spots. The coast guard said don't eat any fish you catch today. And this morning, back at it, as many as 20 vessels helping with operations. Two people were taken to the hospital after being exposeds to hydrogen sulfide. The last thing they needed. Now to Malaysian flight 370.

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{"id":23024564,"title":"1 Million Gallons of Oil Could Leak from Barge","duration":"3:00","description":"A barge carrying almost one million gallons of oil collided with a ship, causing massive oil leak in Texas.","url":"/GMA/video/million-gallons-oil-leak-barge-23024564","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}