Mindy Kaling Loves Her Elle Cover

The comedian is not used to controversy and was surprised by the public's reaction to cover.
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Transcript for Mindy Kaling Loves Her Elle Cover
I've never been part of controversy the for a -- so in the scale things this is a pretty -- Low level one to be part -- that and when I first -- at the photo is just so beautiful. And comedy actress and -- -- -- -- Elegant and glamorous and black and -- I love it and then when I started hearing. That people world reading it cover in -- more political way. I lizards. I was pretty. -- practice but I don't think that there's anything. I mean if anything -- judiciary to me. The fashion magazine and they decided not to focus. On the clothes they decided he's at the east -- magazine which stimulus sort of of relief -- confident statements. About the -- that -- -- -- and that's and I appreciate people wanting to. Come to -- aid to answer -- whatever I. I was green and it looked really fuel the covers -- course it can grab not looking like anybody else. To have so many -- Philip -- -- to rule I don't understand and -- let you know like to have people who have been. Backgrounds that are so different in mind but think that either and I shall -- -- -- the -- and is telling history that they relate teammate. I feel so lucky -- connect. You know I think that's -- I think it's separate I have that opportunity.

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{"id":21494251,"title":"Mindy Kaling Loves Her Elle Cover","duration":"3:00","description":"The comedian is not used to controversy and was surprised by the public's reaction to cover.","url":"/GMA/video/mindy-kaling-loves-elle-cover-21494251","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}