Misty Copeland Talks Ballet, Body Image on 'GMA'

Copeland, who made history as the first African-American woman to be named principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, is live in Times Square.
6:03 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for Misty Copeland Talks Ballet, Body Image on 'GMA'
We love you. Do you all want to know who is coming out here this morning? Do you want to know? She is the trail blading principal dancer for the American ballet theatre, author and artist, a great person, please welcome misty Copeland. Hi. Oh, so good to see you. Great to see you again. Good to see you. You're in the middle. Here? So great to see you. It's so funny because our producers are always yelling at us, you're spending too much. We are a huggers. We get to welcome people. Especially someone like misty Copeland. Do you know she's a newlywed. She got married. Thank you. Congratulations. Oh. It's a big night. Tonight is a big night. Yeah. We're getting you up early to do this but you're ready. Super exciting. American ballet theatre's fall season opens at Lincoln center tonight and it's a two-week season. It's super quick. But it's exciting to be performing in New York City. We only have two seasons here so it's nice to be here and home. Just watching. Tell us a little about what you'll be doing tonight. Yeah, so there's Twyla Tharp who has such a huge repertoire especially a long history with American ballet theaters owe brahmss Hayden doing older pieces with Fred kick Ashton's choreography so one is called Mon tones and other symphonic variations and new piece created by a female choreographer, so rare to see at a level, you know, with American ballet 2450e9er so Jessica lane's new piece her notes. You have been so -- I know. So incredibly business and wonderful and love the book you put out and Barbie doll and everything and the way you just speak to women about being proud of who they are and what they look like, I saw what you posted on Instagram recently and you're all about just -- embrace who you are, right? It's so difficult this day and age and I think that's why I'm a part of so many positive things like that but when you're on social media, you know, the youth are seeing such, you know, horrible imagery of, you know, what they think they should have to look like and so it was really important for me, you know, with this book, this book that came out that's photographs of my body and all that it takes to become a ballerina and the art, you know and what goes into making this body and so I celebrate that. I've never, you know, hid from what I look like so, you know, when the book -- when the editors edited out some wrinkling in my leotard and I got a lot of flack that, you know, I cut away at my waist and, you know did all these thicks to alter my body and I couldn't sit back and -- I had to explain to them -- You did it so eloquently. You really did. You show the difference and said, look, just taking the wrinkles out of the clothing. First of all, do you get nervous before you perform? Sometimes. Yeah. And sometido you have a preperformance routine. You know, I like to keep things as casual as like I possible can like I try to approach a performance day like I would any other day. I don't like to psych myself up and have to fall into patterns of ritual. I put on like some drake and I'm look -- Hey. You mentioned pegless cat which is an amazing project. We want to show you a clip. Not only does she perform and she will tonight but look at this. Ridiculous. Okay. I get it. We've been sorting socks and boards and saying this belongs with that because of how it looks but you don't sort dancers that way. Peg's right. Dancing isn't about how you look, it's about how you make people feel and your dancing makes me feel totally awesome. Ah. I love that. I love that. Isn't that fun? It was so much fun. I was a little shocked when I got into the studio and realized I had to sing. I was like, not this again. When I did "On the town" it was terrifying the Broadway show. I was there. I loved it. I'm not a singer, oh, my gosh. You nailed it. So I got to sing in this episode. Aren't you heading to his town, Houston and doing "Cinderella." I am. I am. It's amazing to be a principal dancer and I'm still kind of venturing into new roles and so I've never performed the part of Cinderella. So this is urban open world dance, sorry, it's going to be he javy center in Houston and it's giving back to disadvantaged youth and I'm going to be surrounded by the youth of Houston on the stage with another American ballet theatre dancer also African-American and it's November 10th and 11th and I can't wait to go back to Houston. You're always giving back. "H" town, getting ready. Misty, thank you very much. I just thought we should stand and do the proper -- all of us to stand and do the proper. Are we going to curtsy. Misty -- Sorry. I didn't know we would do all that. Just the men can. Okay, good. And we will curtsy. Yes. And misty's open of peg plus cat premieres on pbs kids today. Yep. Thank you.

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{"id":42895803,"title":"Misty Copeland Talks Ballet, Body Image on 'GMA'","duration":"6:03","description":"Copeland, who made history as the first African-American woman to be named principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, is live in Times Square.","url":"/GMA/video/misty-copeland-talks-ballet-body-image-gma-42895803","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}