Modell's CEO Accused of Spying on Competitor

Mitchell Modell, who once appeared on "Undercover Boss," used a similar alias to trick Dick's employees.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Modell's CEO Accused of Spying on Competitor
undercover boss who appears to have taken his TV persona too far. The Mitchell model is being sued for impersonating a rival company's executive all to uncover that company's trade Se secrets. Rebecca Jarvis with that. When you think of corporate espionage is not what comes to mind. The chief executive of one of the oldest sporting goods companies in the country going undercover at his competitor's store in disguise but that's exactly what a new lawsuit alleges. I just saw it. I'm going to go undercover. Reporter: He is the undercover boss who donned a shaved head and mustache on reality TV to spy on his employees. Can't get his arm in here. Reporter: But this morning, Mitchell model, CEO of modell's sporting goods facing real-life drama as his competition alleges he carried out his own undercover mission to scope out their operations. In a lawsuit filed in superior court, heavyweight competitor dick's sporting goods claiming model snuck into one of its new Jersey locations posing as a dick's senior executive named Joseph. The same fake name he used on the show and after maneuvering his way in, allegedly convinced employees to show him private back rooms even persuading them to give up trade secrets. This case is really unprecedented. He gets a new persona just like he did on his TV show and went into the nonpublic areas. Reporter: According to the lawsuit, model was accompanied on the undercover visit by an unidentified woman and pretended he was there to meet with dick's CEO Edward stack. Modell tells ABC news it's aware of the lawsuit but declining to comment. In a statement dick's sporting goods telling ABC news it takes seriously the protection of its confidential and proprietary information. I think that model can going to have to settle the suit, agree to an injunction that he will never do it again and will probably have to issue a public statement and this is going to come back to haunt him. Reporter: Dick's is seeking unspecified damages and wants to block model from using any of those trade secrets he allegedly uncovered on his undercover visit. They're also seeking to ban model and any of his employees from ever entering nonpublic areas at a dick's. How can he think he can get away with it. If it's Truitt pretty brazen. Thanks very much.

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{"id":22763806,"title":"Modell's CEO Accused of Spying on Competitor","duration":"3:00","description":"Mitchell Modell, who once appeared on \"Undercover Boss,\" used a similar alias to trick Dick's employees.","url":"/GMA/video/modells-ceo-accused-spying-competitor-22763806","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}