Nancy Reagan Remembered at Funeral

The former first lady and wife to President Ronald Reagan was laid to rest after passing away in her Los Angeles home.
2:10 | 03/12/16

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Transcript for Nancy Reagan Remembered at Funeral
We turn now to the farewell for a former first lady Nancy Reagan remembered for that unbreakable bond with her husband, that epic love story. An event packed with high-profile friends and mourners including other first ladies and our own Diane sawyer and ABC's Matt Gutman has the story. ? Reporter: It was part funeral for Nancy Reagan and part celebration of Nancy and Ronald Reagan's love story. If my mother had one great talent I think it was that she knew how to love and she loved one man more than the world. Reporter: Jack baker said it was love at first sight. When I opened the door, she wrote later, I knew he was the man I wanted to marry. Reporter: President Reagan reciprocated with famous love letters. Her laugh is like tinkling bells. Reporter: Attendees studded with journalists and stars from Arnold schwarzenegger to a camouflaged Mr. T. In that front row, the families of eight current and former white house residents. First lady Michelle Obama, she sat right next to president George W. Bush and former first lady laura bush. Hillary Clinton and laura bush sharing a knowing look over anecdotes of Nancy Reagan's fierce defense of herronny. Occasionally I've thought that even god might not have the guts to argue with Nancy Reagan. Reporter: And our own Diane sawyer remembered that after president Reagan's death she was sustained also by her curiosity. She was way too interested in people and who you really were and what you really knew, all of us woven together in this life and all this week I've been thinking about watching her head down the hall and right there I can't remember exactly what it was, was it a pillow or a framed needlepoint but I know the words were clearly were from president Reagan and said something like this, if you must leave, could you just take me with you? ? Reporter: After the ceremony, her casket was brought out in the rain to join her beloved, herronny. For "Good morning America," Matt Gutman, ABC news, Simi Valley, California.

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{"id":37599943,"title":"Nancy Reagan Remembered at Funeral","duration":"2:10","description":"The former first lady and wife to President Ronald Reagan was laid to rest after passing away in her Los Angeles home.","url":"/GMA/video/nancy-reagan-remembered-funeral-37599943","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}