NBA Finals: What to Expect From the Big Game

Fans can expect drama in the Heat-Spurs Finals rematch.
3:38 | 06/05/14

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Transcript for NBA Finals: What to Expect From the Big Game
Let's and it -- -- -- and yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Last thanks that you're here to talk about in the finals which begin tonight well yeah religious port au fan I am it's back to the Tom -- So what's -- -- but I still have nothing about what's going you know my brother I have. Three that there -- and one brother he's the only boy -- five kids that he needed to make somebody -- honorary brother and I was easier than dealing choice I with -- new -- them closes its. That violent sport much but I. -- as an NBA finals are tonight and even if you don't like -- you don't exports they had unlocked yeah it has everything that anybody would want has drama it had trash talking there is loving this fighting with. The country album and some biggest soap opera that it is kind of like one great years yeah yeah -- phenomenal team. Like some of the greatest player of all time we're watching them in their primary now know 1520 years from now we're going to be talking LeBron in -- We're children saying we watched the skies and on the ground now yeah we'll run it -- -- level front a lot of them into the right I think some look at the front. Nobody acting -- OK so tonight that mean this -- the rematch of last year's final. When it's the heat won in seven games I -- it came down to the wire like the absolute wire -- -- He had been shot and shot through me and you and I tell you it was the most dramatic finish this series of ever seen in my life I'm not you are watching IRA -- shot let me bring Paul up about a minute -- economy. Let the cat -- you know we have fifteen associated Tony you know they -- beautiful basketball they've been together for many many years. They have -- not -- one of the greatest players behind -- one of the greatest coaches of all time they're playing the Miami Heat. Grab LeBron James Dwyane Wade -- -- him with a flashy it's best players in any. So and highest paid by the way well well you know it's funny about it. They took pay cuts to play together -- superstars they also pick -- to go down there and play together his it was all about winning championships in the NBA it's all about winning championships -- That's what the -- like -- left the -- still brought it what was it 300 million dollars yeah. No not -- -- yeah. And I support what you might think -- -- the kid didn't take that he would not meet airline and adds you know -- endorsements with the he -- a I think that there are also worked there for her visit to a title they'll get what winning big bag yet you -- -- -- -- long -- down with it can't thank. -- the NBA you know it's very flashy team but they're also very fashionable. We have some pictures that we can show you guys the spirit is LeBron James I believe. With their star player here we'll see brook -- Notice who often don't actually have that -- I'm in an argument doesn't. Expense doing now we don't know but every NBA player claimed they read on that created -- -- So right sealock you know LeBron righted 300 million dollars last year as -- saying -- didn't -- the key he sold all of these sneakers right yes. Cecil what was it it was it's -- like yeah most popular Nike -- Yes he's under Nike lively there's Michael Jordan right yes those are still hot went out to at a quarter billion dollars -- tell you got in his sneaker sales. LeBron I think -- start trying to become that level where ordinance that the secret and everything okay -- We're -- -- -- continue this conversation offline which I know you're gonna wanna continue. So I'm sure action game one in the NBA finals -- tonight 9 eastern 6 Pacific right here on each scene and thinks dispenser for stopping by.

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{"id":24007564,"title":"NBA Finals: What to Expect From the Big Game","duration":"3:38","description":"Fans can expect drama in the Heat-Spurs Finals rematch.","url":"/GMA/video/nba-finals-expect-big-game-24007564","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}