Newtown, Conn. Students Return to New Sandy Hook

Children returning to new school site will be greeted by their former principal on their first day back.
1:48 | 01/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newtown, Conn. Students Return to New Sandy Hook
We're going to begin with a poignant day of the survivors of the sandy hook school shooting in connecticut. Preparing to return to classes for the first time since the tragedy. Classes resume tomorrow. But today, families will get a first look at the new location. The previous chalk hill middle school in nearby monroe, just a few miles from newtown. A meticulously renovated school the students will now attend. And abc's amy robach is in monroe this morning, to show us. Good morning to you, amy. Reporter: Josh, good morning to you. We're just down the street from chalk hill school. And we understand some families here, in an effort to show support to the students from sandy hook who will be returning to school, they have lined the streets, the bus route, with green ribbons, to make them feel the support of this community, as they head back into the halls of a classroom. We know there's a new sign up on chalk hill middle school that reads sandy hook elementary school. As students go to class tomorrow, many of them will see a familiar face. Their former principal, who retired back in 2010, will be greeting them at the door. School officials and teachers have been getting the classrooms ready and really focusing on every, last detail. Making sure backpacks and desks, is exactly as the students left them on that day back on DECEMBER 14th. So they feel some sense of familiarity in their surroundings. We know from the school superintendent, there will be counselors on-hand. The focus will be academic. They want to get students back to learning, teachers back to teaching. They want to make sure everyone feels comfortable. And one of the most important thing we heard yesterday from a town official, josh, he said to abc news, this will be the safest school in america. Josh? That is very good news. We wish them all the very best. Thank you for that, amy.

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{"id":18112003,"title":"Newtown, Conn. Students Return to New Sandy Hook","duration":"1:48","description":"Children returning to new school site will be greeted by their former principal on their first day back.","url":"/GMA/video/newtown-connecticut-students-return-sandy-hook-elementary-school-18112003","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}