McConaughey Has 'Thing to Be Thankful For' After Oscar Win

Best Actor winner discusses his big win, his acceptance speech and how he got his start.
3:00 | 03/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for McConaughey Has 'Thing to Be Thankful For' After Oscar Win
One of the big stories of the entire award season. His luck last night. Wow -- was a loved it was no all right all right all right and I. Go with him backstage just moments after his big win. For messed -- Thank you thank you thank you thank you and with that show of essential gratitude. Matthew McConaughey -- joined Oscar singular club of best actors gratitude and it really does seem to. Be the focus for you right now I think there's there's things we thank all around this. -- -- -- An area just next. Facility dig it more Rosen on chatting ET to follow that the 44 year old McConaughey Kate hadn't forgotten that. Classic ruled that launch not just his award season's catch phrase Colorado -- All right all right over but his career and we can she didn't reviews I've got people -- -- you couldn't. At 300 dollar check every night I'm having the time of my life I'm. Try this -- and it turned out to be him. Career and one and I accidentally let me ask you you know -- they think -- broad look at -- is what wasn't about. The fact that it. Become melodramatic is not a message movie actor had humor and he and aren't they got -- men -- and next it's better than. What's going to be really challenging announced this week layoffs could use this chair tonight for the cats -- look at -- with mr. Johnson on the ground right hand man his. Fees but this bulletin woods that's the right there and -- -- to with Thomas let it. We see yourself and 51015. There's. And McConaughey is luck and timing just kept coming for that just so happened to -- the theme of his acceptance speech the last fifteen years old. At a very warm person not economies are usually you realize -- -- mean eighteen years but this solar flare up. We did not plan that out so last week found that person -- -- -- -- -- hero now -- because when your tenure. Equity act minus thirty -- -- So good so great to see just a man in his moment and on the biggest stage is not actually congratulations -- -- -- --

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{"id":22753569,"title":"McConaughey Has 'Thing to Be Thankful For' After Oscar Win","duration":"3:00","description":"Best Actor winner discusses his big win, his acceptance speech and how he got his start. ","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-2014-best-actor-matthew-mcconaughey-interview-dallas-22753569","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}