'Gravity' Wins Most Oscars, '12 Years' Gets Best Picture

Hollywood's biggest night was full of memorable speeches, performances and laughs.
3:00 | 03/03/14

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Transcript for 'Gravity' Wins Most Oscars, '12 Years' Gets Best Picture
the big night here in Hollywood. Such a special night. Truly inkrescredible. And the Oscar goes to -- Lupita nyong'o. She has entered Hollywood's most elite club. Thank you so much for putting me in this position. It has been the joy of my life. When I look down at this golden statue, may it remind me and every little child that no matter where you're from, your dreams are valid. Reporter: Her speech didn't leave a dry eye in the house. ♪ Here come bad news talking this and that ♪ Reporter: But she showed a much happier side when she joined Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, and sing er pharrell in this happy dance ♪ clap if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ Sit down, you're too old to be standing. Reporter: And those "Dallas buyers club boys". This is for the 36 million. To my wife Camila and my kids, the courage and significance you give me every day when I walk out the door. You are in the four people if my life that I want to make the most proud of me. To that I say, all right, all right, all right. For those of you watching around the world, it's been a tough couple of days for us here. It has been raining. Reporter: Hostel L Ellen DeGeneres keep the people in stitches. ♪ Somewhere over the rainbow ♪ Reporter: While pink dazzles with her tribute to the wizard of oz, "Gravity" took home the most awards of the night. Gravity. Gravity. Gravity. Reporter: But the grand prize, best picture, went to "12 years a slave." Thank you for this incredible honor. Reporter: Director Steve Mcqueen literally jumping for joy. As well he should. So many terrific moments. I don't know about you. I was so touched by "The wizard of oz" tribute. Singing out loud, singing it proud with pink. Talking to Steve Mcqueen, had to have been a half hour afterwards, he was still barely there. You could see him having a complete and total out of body experience. They didn't know if it would be their movie or "Gravity." It was a tossup. I think the academy got it right. "Gravity" got the awards it should have. And the two stars of "Dallas

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{"id":22749203,"title":"'Gravity' Wins Most Oscars, '12 Years' Gets Best Picture","duration":"3:00","description":"Hollywood's biggest night was full of memorable speeches, performances and laughs.","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-2014-gravity-wins-oscars-12-years-best-22749203","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}