People Magazine's Best and Worst of 2012

Managing editor Larry Hackett discusses the magazines 2012 roundup.
3:48 | 12/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for People Magazine's Best and Worst of 2012
-- the end of the year is just a few days that way but before the New Year's Eve ball -- People Magazine is revealing the best and worst of 2012. Larry Hackett managing editor of People Magazine is here to talk about 2012 superstar -- storybook weddings and of course celebrity babies all the things we love to read and talk about. Let's -- the juicy stuff -- -- with a few its best of 2012. Lot of getting caught a few of the biggest story along these lines was the breakup of Tom Cruise Katie Holmes amid that was a feud that became a divorce that was really the hope that the whole summer basically wrote three or four covers about this. Stunning news have always shocked. The reverberations -- one now we'll see how they both -- -- 2013 but that was when that really came. -- -- -- -- Jordan had legs to them badly -- to do sell are right. Biggest celebrity weddings of the year other than Sam Champion. Well there's Sam in one category I -- And then there's everybody -- Justin Timberlake and Jessica deal that was a great wedding lot of fun at pictures from that we're greatly enjoy that a lot -- -- drew -- -- wedding. Two little column in which was terrific. And we had management kind of a getting marriage to Camilla Al events we -- of course a big surprise which was Blake lively. Snarls Ryan Reynolds sneaking off down south to get married so a lot of that went so well we'll see with the your holes for all of these couples but it was such a good -- for -- -- when you have weddings you have babies -- baby news and again Drew Barrymore I'm if that was in that category Jessica Simpson had her baby. None on away another one on the way Snooki. Had -- -- that we don't know of -- someone on the way in that case and then of course 2013. The big news as the baby that's yet to come yes that will be a big story will have daily updates on relying on all -- pregnancies that just gets enough credit to cover like a lot of with the Internet and all do other stuff -- -- -- events yes of course -- what -- the 25 most intriguing people of 2012. Kate Middleton is on top of that list absolutely we had Patel was also on that list. We had a Tom Cruise was also on the list Katie Holmes is on that list one direction was on that -- we'll see if they last this year sign was on the list and Hathaway the also want to recognize another person on your list the fighter -- this one of course near and dear to our hearts. Robin Roberts major -- and and what a fighter serious. Well you got the better anybody else that she really has been just tremendous this year she is not gonna go democratic ballots but to go down at all she's a street taking this on I spoke to her. Couple weeks ago and it's just a great great Taylor I think -- it energizes the staff and energizes the country. And we all -- -- fantastic 2003 tendencies. Fighting with a smile on her -- every step of the way that's one of the many things I love about her. Let's talk about what some of the biggest stories will be other than royal pregnancy lodged in 2013. Well Jennifer Aniston is engaged in the sixties and get married we we hope that's -- -- -- and it's great people have been following here for ten or twelve you know ten or fifteen years now I mean look they feel really good about our rights -- like. He's incredibly good looking and -- -- girl next door and they wanna. And I wanna see -- is not pregnant -- -- about we'll see about that I want to and they want to steer happy. That's good and that -- Brad and Angelina who -- -- for them to get married is closing the two of them both having money isn't putting their now and you know the whole idea that they couldn't get married to all of us were allowed to get married that seems to be happening once did after another so whether or not that's -- last Hasidic kids and telling Greta Brett telling us the kids would want to get married. Some -- matter of time. Let me play these things close to the -- there are you. Donating the Jennifer Aniston is pregnant no I was not OK I was up just wanted a double check married and -- -- those who Larry -- we appreciate it thanks so much. People magazine's best and worst of two -- twelve issue is on newsstands now.

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{"id":18074444,"title":"People Magazine's Best and Worst of 2012","duration":"3:48","description":"Managing editor Larry Hackett discusses the magazines 2012 roundup.","url":"/GMA/video/people-magazines-best-worst-2012-18074444","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}