Pictures Released of Captured Former FBI Agent

Bob Levinson's family releases photos of man believed to have been kidnapped in Iran.
2:09 | 01/09/13

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Transcript for Pictures Released of Captured Former FBI Agent
Now to the chilling pictures of an American hostage just released by his family. He's a former FBI agent who vanished over five years ago believed to be in Iran. ABC's Brian Ross is here with that story Brian good morning good morning -- the -- receive these photos almost two years ago in the mysterious unmarked email. -- said they decided to make them public now because they fear of people in Washington and Tehran have not -- that -- freedom a priority. Even now the photos of the 64 year old father of seven in -- prison jumpsuit with a long beard and wild gray hair. Are extremely distressing to his children and wife Christine. They're very difficult to look at some of -- -- -- crying to me over the phone about how upset they were to see them again. There are five different photos each stage with a disturbing message by his captors. People involved in the case say the -- with references to Guantanamo are designed to suggest he is being held by al-Qaeda. Although all US officials are certain he is in -- -- Under the control of a cruel group of captors. And it looks a miserable and the like life has been tough right now so it it's just very. Depressing look at the seeing -- lack. It has been almost six years since Levenson a veteran former FBI agent disappeared on the Iranian island of -- Traveling there was a healthy well groomed private investigator. In sharp contrast to how he appears -- And the only sign of life and Levenson who has diabetes came in this hostage video and posted on the Internet a little over a year ago. The family says it held off posting these newly released photos for fear his fate would turn into a partisan campaign issue. Now says his wife Christine they are true waiting for the politicians to act. I wouldn't say dropped the ball but I believe that more can be done. We need people to pay attention every day. Cut off from the world and subterranean cell -- likely does not know that he has a four year old grandchild. Or that his eldest daughter Susan -- getting married next month -- an incredibly sad Brian Ross thank camp.

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{"id":18168148,"title":"Pictures Released of Captured Former FBI Agent","duration":"2:09","description":"Bob Levinson's family releases photos of man believed to have been kidnapped in Iran.","url":"/GMA/video/pictures-released-captured-fbi-agent-bob-levinson-possibly-18168148","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}