Police Offer $20K Reward in Manhunt for Dangerous Fugitives

The search continues for two inmates who broke out of a California county jail last week.
2:01 | 11/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Offer $20K Reward in Manhunt for Dangerous Fugitives
We move to the California manhunt for two fugitives who broke out of jail last week. Police offering a $20,000 reward, warning the men are dangerous and desperate. Eva pilgrim has more. Reporter: The intense search nonstop, running around the crock. This morning, investigators are listening to every call those inmates made while in the county jail, trying to find out who they were talking to before they got out. Two inmates on the run after a daring jailbreak in San Jose, California. This morning, investigators saying the $20,000 reward is a game-changer. That's generating a lot of tips. Reporter: New information pouring in. Chavez and Ron Campbell facing a range of serious charges from burglary to fire arms violations. Only ABC news getting a look inside the cell where it happened. It's pretty smooth. Reporter: These are the bars left behind from the window they cut out to make their escape. This is the window they came out of. Where the bars are missing. They cut one of the horizontal supports and pushed the wind out. Reporter: Tying together blankets and bed sheets. The other two prison nors quickly captured. Chavez and Campbell got away. How they cut the bars? A mystery. That window boarded up. This dorm-style skrel empty. But the night of the escape, it was full. 20 inmates packed in. Other people had to know. We believe they had been cutting for quite awhile. Reporter: While only two got out, none of those still in are talking. And the sheriff telling us she has a really hard time believing that the other 16 guys didn't hear or see a thing. But, something that doesn't surprise her. It's part of the prison culture. No one wants to be a snitch. It is cybermonday.

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{"id":43818849,"title":"Police Offer $20K Reward in Manhunt for Dangerous Fugitives","duration":"2:01","description":"The search continues for two inmates who broke out of a California county jail last week.","url":"/GMA/video/police-offer-20k-reward-manhunt-dangerous-fugitives-43818849","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}