Political satire: Before Jon Stewart there was Herblock

New documentary tells the story of legendary cartoonist Herb Block.
3:00 | 01/30/14

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Transcript for Political satire: Before Jon Stewart there was Herblock
-- Hello and welcome -- top line -- -- -- Yahoo! News I'm Rick Klein from ABC news. And joining us today he's George Stevens the producer renew HBO documentary about -- block. The legendary political cartoonist. There are many breakfast that -- spoiled every morning in Washington DC because of her block she understood his role was to speak truth to power. -- -- is one of the touchstone. Twentieth century -- George welcome to the power thank you so much today we have fuel producing viral videos -- -- from people producing photo shopped images are alike. What do those people oh Herbert block. He really who was. Kind of founder. In political satire and part of it was that he was. Terrific reporter. The cartoon does not tell everything about a subject is not suppose to the test he swifter -- gets an essential truth. And view is really interested in facts. Hand. With that he had this kind of startling and occasionally -- -- humor. And he can draw it's hard to imagine anyone having same kind of impact in the world the political cartoons and in -- -- it in his prime what what is the legacy for Jon -- for people making viral videos -- -- in the Washington Post and syndicated. For fifty years. Was telling the truth every morning -- pick up the paper. And you just hope you do it's not her work in on you. And he had. Complete authority. -- at one time when he was a little too rough on Eisenhower. Philip Graham -- -- cartoons. And there was this tremendous reaction because he was. He said okay I'm still syndicated disgruntled over the country negativism in the post yet and he was back in the paper five days later he had this office that lives. -- it like march road. Watching cartoons and television. Papers stacked. Month months old newspapers. And there was a great moment each day around 4 or 5 o'clock. Herbert walker out of this office -- is done in the center of the newsroom. And -- have four pieces of papers and and he might go to the reporter who is on the desk. Of the story he was drawing. And show these and it was this thing of great flattery to general consensus now. This many years later about what it was like to be -- target where no fun. And -- and his most famous. Where senator Joseph McCarthy. And Richard Nixon. Nixon had this unfortunate 5 o'clock shadow which. Herb exaggerated. What was the making is a classic for him but he can think about the topics and then put that put pen to paper. He was mainly reading the pay period read the congressional record he talked to reporters that he was -- interested in the substance. And then he just had this. You know funny way of thinking. And and the Clinton Era. That they've got a balanced budget and there was this picture of President Clinton on -- high wire in a tight rope. With the budget one hand an old lady and the other man. And -- city could be. Rough funds. People of either party. Finally George. Can there be another her block today or is there another -- -- today rather. Well I think you have to look to the Jon Stewart department senator Rand Paul who offered a nonpartisan message. It's not that government inherently stupid. Although it's a debatable point. All I'm saying is maybe we should return to an uncivilized they don't lawless chaos. The daily newspaper just doesn't have the impact does -- find cartoonist. Political -- worker and there are good ones -- they. They just don't have. The punch that her past because they don't have -- ten newspapers. When people were -- reading newspapers. All right church -- -- thank you very much that they -- that's all the time we have for top line. You can watch us all week on abcnews.com. -- news dot Yahoo.com follow me on Twitter Pat Boone -- follow me on Twitter at Rick Klein and be sure to catch her block. -- from the white. On HBO.

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{"id":22306795,"title":"Political satire: Before Jon Stewart there was Herblock","duration":"3:00","description":"New documentary tells the story of legendary cartoonist Herb Block.","url":"/GMA/video/political-satire-jon-stewart-herblock-22306795","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}