Pregnant Woman Vanishes Near a National Park

A manhunt leads investigators to Joshua Tree National Park after Erin Corwin disappeared under "suspicious circumstances."
1:46 | 07/04/14

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Transcript for Pregnant Woman Vanishes Near a National Park
Now, to the desperate search for a pregnant California woman. She's been missing for a week now. Her marine husband says she was going to Joshua tree national park. Researchers and homicide investigators are now looking for her. And ABC's David Wright has the very latest. Reporter: This morning, a massive manhunt for Erin Corwin. 19 years old and 3 months pregnant. She vanished without a trace Saturday morning, as what police describe as suspicious circumstances. Homicide investigators now leading the search in Joshua tree national park. What do you mean she's missing? I just tore up. Reporter: Corwin's mother talked with the it fill yat. You hope maybe there's some news. Reporter: On Monday, authorities found her car in 29 palms, not far from the marine Corps Basey her husband, lance corporal Jonathan Corwin, is stationed. He reported her missing Sunday. Helicopters and ground search teams have failed to find any sign of her in the scorching desert. Police say they don't believe a ime has been committed. But they have not ruled out foul play. Interviewing people, tracking. Looking for specific evidence. Reporter: The family has set up a Facebook memorial page, praying that someone will help them find her. I'd give anything to give her a hug right now. Reporter: For "Good morning America," David Wright, ABC news, Los Angeles.

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{"id":24425646,"title":"Pregnant Woman Vanishes Near a National Park","duration":"1:46","description":"A manhunt leads investigators to Joshua Tree National Park after Erin Corwin disappeared under \"suspicious circumstances.\"","url":"/GMA/video/pregnant-woman-vanishes-joshua-tree-national-park-24425646","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}