Reid vs. Kochs: Americans for Prosperity not surprised by Reid's 'slash and burn' attacks

AFP president Tim Phillips on 2014 midterm elections, healthcare and the Koch brothers
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for Reid vs. Kochs: Americans for Prosperity not surprised by Reid's 'slash and burn' attacks
Hello and welcome to the fine print I'm -- -- today conversation with Tim Phillips president of Americans for prosperity. A conservative Republican group that's at the center of a lot of controversial mid term election ads about Obama care. President promises. If you like your health care plan you can keep it. That just wasn't true. A monetary isn't working -- President Obama. Broke your promise and people like me her. Some seven months before the mid terms what's your level of optimism that Republicans -- win control of the senate -- of more than 50%. I'm no political analysts I'm a grassroots guy named it's important let you know more about these rates aren't aren't gonna get all these numbers or percentages and that's I think it's easier work or is -- a challenge. Proponents need six so I went and drove Republicans have a challenge absolutely I mean that the party in power usually has. Advantage they're gonna have a lot more money on the left and and the folks on the Republican side are gonna have but it's important though for Americans for prosperity. We're in year five. -- -- long term effort to repeal obamacare and that really is what this effort is about Americans for prosperity is financed largely by beating Polk Brothers is that -- David Cook is our chairman. Read our Americans for prosperity foundation we have over 70000. Donors from all fifty states to -- say -- -- -- some pretty. Gross exaggeration. Most of Americans may not know exactly who David -- is buttons that senator Harry Reid has his way. That -- -- he doesn't rise in recent weeks to be somewhat obsessed by. The Polk Brothers the funny bad. Would be a terrible thing to allow the called Brothers to -- congress these -- two oil barons. And they are trying to read the political system the called Brothers are willing to do anything even exploit. Americans suffering from cancer to -- her campaign of distortion what do you think. That is I'm not surprised. That he's doing it if you look at his back his history is really a political slash and burn kind of politician. But this is a calculated strategy the first chapter was they tried to defend obamacare. Then they became the -- -- mend it but not in that we're gonna fix it in the third. The strategic move -- to find a villain. Which the administration and Harry Reid and folks on the left a pretty good at doing -- -- -- evil corporate -- are. You know it maybe -- a used car salesman or maybe it's insurance company or maybe it's in the case of David and Charles I don't think it's gonna work. I don't think most Americans are gonna take lessons in civic virtue. From a career politician like scared me I just don't think that's gonna fly what is. The reaction from either Charles or -- -- Do you have conversations with them about it I don't I really don't mean Harry Reid comes down from the Ritz Carlton suite literally. Where he's you know -- only on a deal that a federal salary. -- Washington covering -- to make to make these attacks. All -- you know Charles and David I just don't think most Americans are gonna buy that George Soros who dazzled tens of -- loss from left. We don't attack mr. Soros he has every right and even a responsibility. All of us do that to be involved to vote to give your time your talents -- if you have dollars -- your -- as well I think that's a good thing in America. One of the ads that was in Michigan. With a woman who said that her health insurance has gone up and either outright to news analyzes it and said it wasn't -- -- -- I certainly -- Countdown to -- only -- 20% chance of surviving. My insurance scams don't. Now out of pocket costs are so high it's unaffordable. So she says that her premiums have gone up and -- the Detroit news says -- that's not the case. I don't think the Detroit news is the final arbiter of truth and justice in the in the country. If you look at what he had said they say they analyzed it and it's said that she is actually. Paying less than -- plan was 11100 dollars a month. And her new plan is so let's not with better coverage. The most important thing for someone on the fixed income which Julie as a single mother of two on a pretty fixed income. The number one thing she was seeking with -- policy was predictability. -- she was frankly more than happy when she chose a private sector policy before obamacare. And by the way she got that policy with a preexisting conditions leukemia had already been diagnosed so she deliberately chose a policy that had a bit higher premium. So that out of pocket would be basically zero per new policy. Is a lower premium. But the out of pocket it's much more unsure it's still not clear -- this new Obama care policy even -- This new list of the most expensive drug that she requires Americans this -- if you know they know that out of pocket. Doesn't mean everything because something's a policy doesn't cover this obamacare policy this point doesn't cover some of those trucks. Tim thank you very much I could -- okay -- and that's all for this edition of the fine print for BBC news and Yahoo! News I'm Jeff selling. -- -- -- --

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{"id":23043754,"title":"Reid vs. Kochs: Americans for Prosperity not surprised by Reid's 'slash and burn' attacks","duration":"3:00","description":"AFP president Tim Phillips on 2014 midterm elections, healthcare and the Koch brothers","url":"/GMA/video/reid-kochs-americans-prosperity-surprised-reids-slash-burn-23043754","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}