Rick Perry Calls For Compromise Within GOP: 'If You Can't Win Elections, You Can't Govern'

Texas governor on divisions in the Republican Party, Obamacare and whether he'll run in 2016.
5:27 | 11/11/13

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Transcript for Rick Perry Calls For Compromise Within GOP: 'If You Can't Win Elections, You Can't Govern'
What does Rick Perry doing back in Iowa. Welcome to the fine print I'm -- felony today we catch up with the Texas governor who's making his first visit back to Iowa since -- failed when he twelve presidential campaign. -- says it's premature to talk about running again in 2016. He certainly leaving the door open governor thank you very much for joining us conservative governor -- say -- the key to. The next direction next wave of the party is Chris Christie a true conservative governor. He was a successful governor in New Jersey. Now does that transcends. The country we'll see in later years monster -- is that code freeze a moderate. Now it's code for the truth of the matter is listen we're all different. States is conservative in New Jersey conservative and the rest of the country sounds like you're skeptical that may not be this saying that. We'll have that discussion at the appropriate time. As you know so many divisions inside the Republican Party on immigration and other things. Between the Tea Party wing in the so called establishment wing is a -- thing for the Tea Party wing to be more pragmatic. In elections going forward -- fourteen well I think. Bring in all these these groups together. If you can't win elections. You can't go. One of those people being criticized for not being -- Leader in the governing -- as your fellow Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz was something good accomplished anything from. Is charged that ultimately led to the government shutdown. Well I certainly enjoy the 21 hours of him standing up -- -- pointing out -- you have foibles and problems with. -- obamacare I intend to speak and supported. Until I'm no longer able to stand and he was absolutely correct in hindsight. I -- -- -- rather the candidate in Virginia being able to talk about obamacare and the impact of that rather than the government shut down it would have been wiser for us to. Laid the wood to the president so to speak in the in the -- of the different of being able to you know call him out on this. Let it become an issue Mr. President you on this this is -- we did have about. To stop that the president has said he is sorry for misleading some of those Americans who thought they could keep there insurance plans. You think that's enough I don't think it's even close to them. -- this president stood up knowingly perpetrated a fraud on the American people the president was in your homes. The other day. I'm here to tell -- not be right there -- via the entire. -- until we get this done and every -- in Texas and everybody all across this country. -- affordable health care that they need for him to come into the state of Texas and say you all should join up in a broken system. Is a pretty hollow statements are there no benefits of this -- oh absolutely there are probably parts of the law that we're. Wise and Smart. That's the reason needs to be opened back the commerce. Analysts -- the I can't but there camp so the groups so we're back in Iowa your back in aisle at your first visit since 2012. Coming back again next month I'm told. He said it's too early to talk about 2016 how tough is that you think to make a second impression. On these Republican voters second chances are what America has always been about. In a speech here you drew little that a laughter. Our leaders have forgotten how to govern. And believe me I know a few things about forget. Easy is it to laugh it that memorable -- From that debate in Michigan -- it is just. Is one of those things that happened about -- you know vocal fun at it and everybody that hadn't forgotten anything in their lives. Holder and so if -- ever ask you to three federal agencies of government when you have an answer today here's that is it too premature to happen. It's that they're there they're probably more than three there probably more than three agencies -- government that could be. Shuttered or at least substantially reduces. You will keep the door open. For 2016 ensure it's as well as an option out there I'm governor of Texas -- January 25 inning after that time we'll make a decision about what the future -- -- Texas question where the governor's race is already heating up there. Wendy Davis is made quite. Herself nationally with -- filibuster on abortions or things sort of state of Texas is slowly turning blue tissue was shot ministries. Well I would be surprised that her. Beliefs are not in the mainstream. Vast majority of Texans I think Texas will continue to stay in the in the red column indefinitely. I -- I demographics are sure -- -- but just because you happened. Belong to the Hispanic. Ethnic group doesn't mean that your gonna be automatically voting. Democrats Democrats are barking up the wrong tree if they think that and 2120. Point four. It becomes a blues I think that the chances of that happening -- Governor thank you very much history. And that's all for this edition of the fine print for ABC news in Yahoo! News I'm Jeff felony. Involving all week -- on FaceBook and Twitter at -- felony we'll see you next.

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{"id":20856737,"title":"Rick Perry Calls For Compromise Within GOP: 'If You Can't Win Elections, You Can't Govern'","duration":"5:27","description":"Texas governor on divisions in the Republican Party, Obamacare and whether he'll run in 2016.","url":"/GMA/video/rick-perry-calls-compromise-gop-win-elections-govern-20856737","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}