Rick Ross on How He Shed Nearly 90 Pounds

The hip-hop superstar talks about how CrossFit programs helped him succeed.
3:04 | 12/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rick Ross on How He Shed Nearly 90 Pounds
index, and Rick Ross has a new album and a brand new image after shedding nearly a hundred pounds. Now sharing the secrets to his weight loss success in an exclusive interview with our Sara Haines. Reporter: Hip-hop magnate Rick Ross is a music industry heavy weight. ? pushing the boundaries for nearly a decade with hit after hit. ? and now the big wig music star, famously known for his big size -- and hustling his way to, well, a smaller waistline. Telling "Gma" exclusively how and why he shed 85 points pounds. Two years ago I suffered two seizu seizures. And I woke up from that, wow, I really need to, you know, re-evaluate what I'm doing. So and so the larger than life rapper made some drastic lifestyle changes. I wanted to cut back on some of the drinking I was doing, sleep more, watch what I ate. Reporter: What is a typical day? Eat breakfast, maybe three eggs and Turkey bacon and get ready for the workout. Reporter: You do Ross fit. Put my own way on it. Reporter: I see a rapper, and I don't want you to be eating kale. I need you to be hitting the steak, spraying champagne over the room. Has anyone reacted like, come on, this isn't cool. I had a few chicks. Come on. You already know I'm still -- I still got it. Ain't nothing nowhere, just better with it. Reporter: Looking more in shape than ever. People might bounce coins off you. The pecs. Reporter: Maybe a little gun show. ? I'm to the a bad guy ? he's running full steam ahead musically, churning out album after album, the latest, "Hood billionaire." Does this weight loss affect your music? No, the music comes from my heart, my mind set. After I sit down and absorb this great interview, there's something that's going to come to me that's going into a record. Reporter: You're going to rap about me? I might. Reporter: I'm done here. Oh, my gosh. Now, some of the main things he talked about, he was fun to interview. He talked about getting rid of soda. That was the number one, eating at 2:00 A.M., ordering steaks and -- it's hard. But new foods. He's got a thing for Pears. There was a big hashing to shout out to the beof the Pears, he fell in love with nature's candy. It's a pear-themed -- You too, Sara, waiting for the rap. Good to see. Thank you. Next up, an update on the

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{"id":27687507,"title":"Rick Ross on How He Shed Nearly 90 Pounds","duration":"3:04","description":"The hip-hop superstar talks about how CrossFit programs helped him succeed.","url":"/GMA/video/rick-ross-shed-90-pounds-27687507","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}