Robin Roberts' Re-Boot Camp: Workouts to Transform Your Body in 2016

Top celebrity trainers offer at-home workout tips and demonstrate this year's top workout trends.
5:18 | 01/13/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Robin Roberts' Re-Boot Camp: Workouts to Transform Your Body in 2016
It is day three of our re-boot camp. Monday focused on the mind. Tuesday we got into the soul and right now it is all about the body. Dj kiss is pumping us up. Our "Gma" gym as we try out the top workouts of 2016 with some of the best instructors around. How are you? I'm good. Oh, my gosh. What you really concentrate on is people who don't have a lot of time That's right. To work out. Time is valuable. How do you maximize it. We put cardio and sculpting moves together that tone the arms, legs, your core and boost your metabolic rate and work in cardio moves like sprints on the spot and jumping jacks to keep you burning calories in the workout and after the workout. How are you doing there, rob? Robin, not doing so good. It's tough. Get going. Going up now. Pendulum. Got to tell you -- Obviously I'm out of breath. So great cardio. The reason I like this, I term the term like loosely. You travel a lot, opens up your hips and engages the core, stretches your shoulders. You have one workout -- The first one, grab your weights. Here we go. Everybody can do this with or wi without weights. Robin, do it with us. Slowly step back with your right leg, lower into a lunge then lift your knee up. Yeah, robin. Yeah, robin. Okay. Like that. En5 you work your thighs and work your booty and then we add these arm and shoulders and biceps. We got to leave. Thank you. Oh, Julie, Schad die boxing. Why is this becoming popular with women? First off boxing is an incredible full body workout. It tones your body and builds long lean muscles. That's why women love and it models love it. It's been around forever and the best kept secret. Boxing is the new black. You'll feel power. Okay, boxing is the new black. How are you doing? S Come on. Wax on, wax on. Jab high, high matter is like what are you doing to me today? What is the one tip. Keep your hands up. Your core is engaged the whole time and using your legs. Whole body. Mind and body. Do you want to try it? I got to keep moving. But thank you. Shaun T. Shaun T. Hey, hey, hey. We're sizing it up. Love your new show "My diet is better than yours." Tell us how you're working out. We're doing sides and dancing to lose weight. It's the end of exercise. Sometimes meme don't want to exercise. We just dance to have fun. And at home a lot with your routines you can do right at home. You exercise at home and great ways to keep you accountable. Take before and after pictures and set an alarm and pack your clothes the night before. I don't have any rhythm but that doesn't matter. You know what -- How are you doing, Rachel. I'm working up a sweat. Working on my dance moves. It doesn't matter if you don't have rhythm. You can just act like you're brushing your hair every day. Or you can push it back. Moving and grooving. Have fun. All right. I'm going it go over here. Yeah, robin. Hey, dj kiss. All right. Karyn, this is huge. People are all over, celebrity, everyday people. Everyone, what is about about soul cycle. It is a 45-minute full body cardio party on a bike. We incorporate choreography and hand weights to tone the entire body. We ride to candlelight in the dark so it takes away any judgment or self-consciousness. But above and beyond it's just fun. I mean -- Look at that. It's fun. You know what, robin, I'm feeling self-conscious with this group, they are coordinated. It's all about the community. It is about the community. Have you done this before, gio? I did it once a few years ago. We talk about, Karyn, 2016. Yeah. You know, we want to re-boot people and set goals for themselves. That's what soul cycle is about. Community empowerment and staying positive. What is your suggestion for people so they stay on that fitness train? Three simple things. So, music that motivates you, community, people that support you then we'll do accountable and just that you enjoy what you do. You have to like what you're doing. You got to love what you're doing. Want to get on the bike and

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{"id":36264316,"title":"Robin Roberts' Re-Boot Camp: Workouts to Transform Your Body in 2016","duration":"5:18","description":"Top celebrity trainers offer at-home workout tips and demonstrate this year's top workout trends.","url":"/GMA/video/robin-roberts-boot-camp-workouts-transform-body-2016-36264316","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}