Skydiving Teen Survives Parachute Malfunction

The 16-year-old girl reveals the details of her terrifying ordeal.
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Skydiving Teen Survives Parachute Malfunction
Okay, josh. Thank you. To that Texas teen who survived a devastating fall when sky driving for the first time. You may remember it was a jump from her dad for her 16th birthday. She's speaking out about the terrifying ordeal. ABC's Clayton Sandell has the story. Reporter: This morning Makenzie Wethington, the Texas teen who cheated death -- I feel good. I'm doing better every day. Reporter: Is talking for the first time about how a wish to skydive on her 16th birthday nearly killed her. I remember jumping out of the plane and looking up and seeing that there was a complication with the parachute. Reporter: Just 18 days after her fall, regaling a Baylor university medical center press conference Thursday with the terrifying moment she thought all hope was lost. I just was not strong enough to fight off the wind, so I just remember screaming and then I blacked out. Reporter: She plummeted more than 3,000 feet crashing into an Oklahoma cow pasture, broken bones, kidney and liver damage, bleeding in her brain. But alive. I've always wanted to be a surgeon and now I know that I want to specialize in trauma so I can relate to the patients more. Reporter: It's hard not to marvel at Makenzie's recovery from what seems like certain death, walking in less than a week. Hanging out with the Harlem globetrotters a few days later but back in Texas. Some things aren't coming back as quickly. Math problem, it's like -- it feels like it's third grade math and I have problems doing some of it so that just -- it is frustrating. Reporter: Makenzie says her family hopes her first skydive was also her last. As much as I would like to, my parents and the rest of my family would die if I did. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Clayton Sandell, ABC news, Denver.

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{"id":22513558,"title":"Skydiving Teen Survives Parachute Malfunction","duration":"3:00","description":"The 16-year-old girl reveals the details of her terrifying ordeal.","url":"/GMA/video/skydiving-teen-survives-parachute-malfunction-22513558","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}