Sperm Donation Is A Multibillion Dollar Industry

Some say the industry is under-regulated.
1:07 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Sperm Donation Is A Multibillion Dollar Industry
This is world news beyond the headline the story we're looking into his -- multibillion. Dollar industry. Of sperm donation -- an estimated thirty to 60000. Of these. Every year. In the US -- now there's a whole industry that's cropped out that provides pretty much every single component of the baby making process. Are reports of some sperm donor fathers unknowingly. Fathering as many as a hundred or -- hundred in fifty children. I spoke to one man who had fathered ten children he had no idea they are out there. Until thirty years after he had made those sperm donations. I've heard from about ten -- a dozen through the donor sibling registry one critic calls this industry the wild wild west we have known none of the other regulatory basics that that most countries half. And that I think the -- with almost no way of tracking possible genetic disease is transmitted from the donor father to their children. Will be looking at this on world news. For ABC news world news and Yahoo! News I'm Ron Claiborn.

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{"id":20793546,"title":"Sperm Donation Is A Multibillion Dollar Industry","duration":"1:07","description":"Some say the industry is under-regulated.","url":"/GMA/video/sperm-donation-multibillion-dollar-industry-20793546","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}