Hottest Leading Ladies Unmask Their Natural Beauty

Linsey Davis explains new trend of stripping off the makeup.
2:28 | 01/29/13

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Transcript for Hottest Leading Ladies Unmask Their Natural Beauty
So, now, we ask, how many women out there would pose for the cameras without makeup. You saw abc's linsey davis getting ready to do just that just a few minutes ago. We're going to show you her unfinished product in a moment. First, linsey explains why leading ladies took it off. Reporter: Some of hollywood's hottest leading ladies went au natural, from the shoulders-up, "w" magazine. Kristen stewart, nicole kidman and others, ditched the concealer and mascara for a revealing look. They're not the first celebs to unmask. Lady gaga appeared on the cover of "harper's bazaar" with no makeup in 2011. Jessica simpson posed for "marie claire." Everyday women are finding a sense of freedom, exposing what lies beneath. Katie couric interviewed phoebe baker hyde, who documented her experiment for a year. I packed away my jewelry and I cut off my hair. Reporter: Katie decided to try it. She did her whole show live with no makeup. Never wanting to turn down a dare, I bared all. Stripping down the makeup on one side of my face, to show the difference fake eyelashes and concealer can make. Once a week, you should not wear wake-up at all. Yo off every trace of makeup off your face every night. Foundation can block pores. Dark eye shadow can cause redness and rash. And wearing dark lipstick over time can cause cysts. But being in public without anything on your face does feel rather naked. And I am the u team player. No makeup this morning. I want to apologize for those who thought my eyelids for a bright shade of fuchsia. I think it's great advice. And you look beautiful. Thank you, lara. Let's go inside to

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{"id":18343479,"title":"Hottest Leading Ladies Unmask Their Natural Beauty","duration":"2:28","description":"Linsey Davis explains new trend of stripping off the makeup.","url":"/GMA/video/stars-makeup-leading-ladies-unmask-natural-beauty-18343479","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}