Did Guardian Angel Save Teen?

A priest mysteriously appeared at the scene of a crash when Katie Lent's vital signs were failing.
1:34 | 08/09/13

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Transcript for Did Guardian Angel Save Teen?
We turn, now, to a story that's a true miracle. A woman trapped in the wreckage of a car crash, as rescue workers try in vain to free her. And like an answer to a prayer, help arrives just in time. But that's just the beginning of the mystery. John muller has the story. Reporter: A small missouri town is looking for the man in this sketch. He's not suspected of a crime, but a miracle. This time, I think i witnessed a guardian angel at work. Reporter: A drunk driver hit katie lynn in her vehicle. She asked crews to pray with her. That's when first responders say a man that looked like a catholic priest, seemed to appear out of nowhere, despite a two-mile perimeter. There was a calmness to me seemed to come over the entire scene. Reporter: Another seemingly divine detail. Firefighters said their equipment kept failing until that mystery man showed up. The words were to remain calm. Our tools would work. Reporter: She was saved. But when crews turned around to thank the man, he vanished. This morning, she's recovering in the hospital, with broken legs and limbs. But some say it could have been worse. Whether it was a priest as an angel, or an actual angel that came in, he was an angel to all those and to katie. Reporter: For "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york.

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{"id":19913691,"title":"Did Guardian Angel Save Teen?","duration":"1:34","description":"A priest mysteriously appeared at the scene of a crash when Katie Lent's vital signs were failing.","url":"/GMA/video/teen-katie-lent-saved-car-crash-mysterious-priest-19913691","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}