Tour the 'GMA' Social Square

See what "Good Morning America's" new social media hangout is all about.
3:00 | 03/10/14

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Transcript for Tour the 'GMA' Social Square
Guess we'll be getting good deals but take what I look I don't -- all right now we have come on air and -- is a real means. Now you're kidding here I have I have let me let me take you -- you yeah yeah and Casey get weary of yeah I can't get management and I would not do you want your ears are open house couldn't get. Only god is not only did the beautiful face -- GM -- behind the scenes. Instead -- sweater everything GM and yeah it. I think you frequent standing next to you come -- now like -- good morning. And well take their time is that right here we just have beats view on the using screens is going to be on our things argument is the case and also lives in a home it is unit died of the dotcom boom and right here we have -- -- grand video chat while I was basically yet you attended. It is yeah. Yeah yeah it's no use that are -- -- it's your videos asking and east -- what you want and we're gonna put it up there and you can make if you're going to be really surprising answers -- so to Brazil. Cool justice -- through -- -- -- are asking the Obama pressure no pressure class note read I like this if they highlighting his pregnant pockets. -- right now -- Hundred. 33 keeping people easy for the past and present no answer -- -- Like Betsy but you can't on the spot I would frank and send them the -- Jesus. Heavily embedded in them -- And -- -- -- apartment. And only through here you can answer on the program -- got -- -- -- tells me. Yes and yes records there's -- -- here we have the social slot machine and it's basically. You have -- can -- -- -- -- want to question that we have they're coming in from FaceBook Google+ and Twitter and and the question we got today -- some people what's your favorite style pizza things firsthand New York or Chicago sun to try to to. -- a lot of pizza yeah. Second -- default answer is that when he left he cubs are quite succinctly you have to have generally when they're trying to keep our regional -- on -- yes. I -- ever that found the next few realized maybe yeah. Let me get a good front -- obvious. They end here that's going to marry that we all know and love so well we've seen a million times and have who wanted. -- -- -- how hot -- -- yeah love now I don't. And here we just have a wall of amazing happens Friday by Samsung and it's just yet we can put any photos -- wanted him to tablet fever the results from our -- -- -- Citizens. Robin at the Oscars this odd little content illegally OJ yeah. They're highly disliked us looking at sequences that barrel. Yeah. Anything in -- -- your -- and that anything you want to -- we have with a lot of -- at all this is one of my favorites right here it's fantastic. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yet here we have wanted to refreshments. Amer I -- I've let's nine dollars and Linehan would let anybody within the -- anything I haven't -- energy drink you know. Okay thank you and your favorite part was not lower the little -- up there I'm. Worked through that -- the heart of the rooms in the middle slightly -- -- -- doesn't let him live the best for last because I am just in love with the. Well we're in the law and this is just I think because they didn't -- Erika holiday. You know what will actually -- -- social exactly exactly are being. Haven't -- at least a digital street. I don't like -- -- -- yeah like -- the one -- about the hello yeah. Yeah yeah. Lately -- -- -- -- him good didn't get the. And yeah. It isn't like -- and I like they're not come soon enough I'll oil. This oh yeah. You know -- you know you'd assume he's human and ideally I'm just very. Anyway that -- got the best things philosophy its consulate that's. But don't we -- week.

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{"id":22847292,"title":"Tour the 'GMA' Social Square","duration":"3:00","description":"See what \"Good Morning America's\" new social media hangout is all about.","url":"/GMA/video/tour-gma-social-square-22847292","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}