USC Fires Head Football Coach Lane Kiffin

Trojans had lost seven of their last 11 games.
25:15 | 09/29/13

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Transcript for USC Fires Head Football Coach Lane Kiffin
Good afternoon. This has been a hard day for all us in inside USC athletics. For me personally. This is not the most fun part of the job but indeed it is part of the job. In my job is to do what I think is best for US scenes decision I've made this morning I believe is best for USC. -- first like to store up quite by thinking Lane Kiffin and his family. I personally have a great deal of respect for lane personally and as a professional. He -- a lot of things well under some very difficult circumstances here. No one could -- have worked harder. He did a lot of things we asked of -- graduated players never had compliance issues. Did a lot of things well and so we -- any really worked under some very difficult. NCAA sanctions just no doubt about it if you. Watched -- -- game last night in saw. -- -- cold ones who was working in -- saloons and sports information office last year. For the second half as a wide receiver we understand some of the challenges we've had. With a roster and -- never once complained about it. Live with it and did the absolute best he can and so I think -- in his famous for all the -- -- USC. Sequencing of events. -- this morning and we on our plane and about 1 o'clock. I told -- like to see him after we arrived. Back in Los Angeles. But a time of -- and I got together was close to 3 this morning. We met for about 45 minutes. Private room. Awful -- over the -- the airport what were we landed. -- Was clearly disappointed. He he's he's a great recruiter he battled me. He really really tried and keep his job and I respect him for that I would perspectives -- -- -- -- didn't. The the in the day as -- was right decision. That about though is roughly. 3454. O'clock ish this morning. Within about thirty minutes we had sent a text out -- -- football team. Tenet telling them that there was going to be change we were gonna have a team meeting here this morning at 11 o'clock this is technically a day off for our team. And so and we would let them sleep a little bit and had him committed 11 o'clock. I got here this morning a little before nine and that with the closure on it is going to be under interim head coach. Had a good conversation. With ended this morning actually and -- school went in by phone earlier this morning as well. But had not had a meeting this morning kind of talking about. He's an early plans and what we can do over our next eight weeks -- season. Then I met with our. Football staff most of our -- over coaches -- -- on the road but we had a very. Good meeting we have good men. Good coaches good men of character my vote for -- -- a great deal of respect. And as you -- imagine this is difficult for them and their families as well. But they we do to -- the gonna give it their absolute best effort in and in and -- that they had subsequently into the coaching. Staff here over the last hour and convince these guys are all gonna -- -- exceedingly hard. To make this this this season the best they can possibly be. At about how 11 o'clock. We did meet with our team we had virtual. Attendance a couple guys who could -- a -- just about. Everybody I would see the team's reaction was great and you can talk civil war. -- quality guys here in just a few moments but they would they were just spectacular I thought you know Europe. 181940 year old young man and if it's not easy. But I think they handle it particularly well. It's never. The perfect time. -- to make is a change here the right time the right moment it's very very difficult thing particularly in college athletics and college football. But I thought this was the right time and I think you could easily be asked. Why not last year after 76 season what do you know now that you didn't know. Then in it after 76 season. The rationale was a little bit as follows the prior year lane and won ten games we thought it was hoping that Lester was an aberration. Felt we could rebound. Make some changes and indeed -- did. Hired rethink -- spectacular defensive coordinator Clancy pinnacle -- -- her guest. Book but for last -- we had some issues defensively she saw. We played pretty good defense -- we made some changes made some changes there. But it ended they would be just became a gut feeling that we weren't making the progress that I felt we needed to make. That I thought we should be making. In the incident he's been consistency we found in -- in our team so. As I said it's it's never the perfect time to do these things but I thought it was the right time that's my job. Com. Commission we're gonna have it withdrawn as our interim head coach he -- his. Been here four eleven years different. In terms. Then there -- some -- very successful runs against head coaching experience I think he knows USC -- he's beloved by the USC family brings an incredible passion. An energy that we need with this team. And we think he's gonna do as good -- job as you possibly do under under these circumstances. So without any further do want to bring up -- -- on their. -- -- -- -- -- It was a guest. First of all about the team and coaches steps. -- -- -- -- much we appreciate Lane Kiffin. Who's very good all of which we -- -- still off. He loved to have seen. Him. It's an unfortunate date today. But it goes -- let go we understand the circumstances. Award today that we hear his staff sort of bill. All -- Florida. Has staff has flourished. As Jordan ought to do it. Or thank patted -- accused -- tremors. Were trusted me. To bidder but it continuously. That a very puzzled me what -- -- this morning was all of -- everyone. Q I don't know where a lot of positives false and lot of positive Benedict. We had a team meeting guys like baucus and the bond -- all guys are. Yeah and though we came out there were positive vibe. -- -- a -- sort day -- -- season. And to give it all ago put children -- operative bill that we have a very strong leadership woman's football team. I'm excited to be there go to the next big games of -- -- -- takes us. We'll -- -- full and our recruits about the value of USC about what's -- US league. A recording has been one of -- as -- will continue to be one of us troops. I would expect -- great recruiting class and continued to break some would have best recruits across the country to USC. After our meeting this morning that and the -- -- would adulterous. Clay Helton will be -- office vornado and you'll be -- called. Am closing. Will forests in Europe practice. It would be well best to get you there is -- weekend. And terrible we're -- -- you Batticaloa literal. Thank you thank you -- for it. -- -- of course season with the you start thinking about this and obviously there must have been -- It's going wrong drastically. Changed your -- diseases. -- I'm -- -- -- -- say this about everyone of our coaches Jim and we have a lot of them here in nineteen head coaches. We we support our coaches a 100% into the no longer coaches -- that -- why would you support -- 85%. -- -- make any sense whatsoever. And and I think it was really just just this. This gut feeling and in not really improving the way we can envision over the first five games you know I didn't really see. This three to start I and I thought we have a little different star -- again. Numbers were down new quarterback in such but I still didn't still didn't see this -- that was really the reason. They don't. We're saying. Why would probably say yes because any decision last night write him but I mean in this this has been brewing for awhile you know and and and a -- -- -- filled. Particularly good even from the Hawaii -- this -- we just haven't been. Consistent team that we need to be -- -- we -- we played. A 125 years is pretty -- -- for good football here USC we're just all the small pieces contempt -- from their played -- football 125 years from now. I was just a tiny little piece of that plane was Pete Carroll's will all add up into this continuing USC football. And we just we just realize that our history -- has been great and we need to be great again. Yes. You looking ahead. -- Look into the future -- incidentally if -- -- it. What is it four. Any restrictions. He's been -- -- gives a six questions there but. You're gonna try to find the best coach we can possibly fine for USC's -- thank you all candidates in this room. And in -- so a bit but I really don't want a really -- Deming and Steve talk about it this search now I think it's it's it's not fair to our team. I think it's disrespectful for our of our football team -- -- he's -- these these two in particular and who we have some really great kids it's about -- right now let's let's worry about a search next coach will will do that we have to -- that we understand. But it's it's in the future it's not right now it's not -- the right time. Well I I think all of us you -- I have said that and I know sitting in all or athletic directors to oversee various sports that is part of their job be -- who the next -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- security right. And so on you know -- -- -- -- -- about this is today got the job would be doing my job -- sign. Wasn't taken about that. All the coaches and thinking about our -- know the -- I think at this point. Yes -- -- -- I you were right I mean I think detonated a little bit easier certainly not easy for -- in his family but yet the fact that we could just take a little bit of a deep breath exhale. Had to -- we gather ourselves with a more rather than a short week when your. We have a week coming up one plan on Friday night after Saturday games so yeah I think the extra time help that decision. Absolutely not -- us fully supported Lane Kiffin -- 100% until last night. As -- said before we support or coach is on percent of the norm coaches -- -- -- -- -- Well he is our interim head coach he's got at least eight games and you know our big rivalry games we're gonna play the very first Thursday night home game coliseum ever. And it's a pretty big game for us follow by Notre Dame stadium we have Stanford UCLA's. So it we have a lot of big big games ahead of us there's a lot to be proven a -- to -- beat play for the season certainly not over this not a -- -- this is supposed to be a -- of fun enjoy. And I think one of the things were looking for -- it -- to bring their phone enjoyed back into the game of college football. He'll be evaluated just like any other candidate it it is a good man who knows USC who's -- promise she's gonna give the everything he has is now in effect today. Was -- a practice a week or two ago I was blown away. Buying -- -- long and has been the coach telling -- coach thirty years 47 years and in the passion this is just original Monday. And the passion that it had coaching defensive -- through that same stupid bag drill he's done for 217 years I mean it's just incredible. So that energy that passion and a love for the game of the university and -- means a lot to us I think the Trojan family really appreciates it this is not easy -- pakistanis and pakistanis any skits. But this is the nature of athletics -- Well full we won't know until we play those games right community -- just does -- that's unknown why can't answer that particular question. -- all -- know is. You know -- -- did negotiate some of these things remarkably well. But I you know I also have to believe in and in my heart of hearts you know I have supported plane. With my heart soul for three years and I do give him every opportunity any any wasn't given -- -- a lot of -- and I said all along. We've graded on a curve. But we -- home -- to. You know we had if you don't fans you know love -- for thirty seconds at a time you know and and I -- went through that as a player myself and I understand that. It really didn't it was really that did the nexus of the decision of all. I think it -- a combination of things over the last two and a half years really. -- -- -- -- -- No I did not hear any complaints from players coaches -- -- Just with just with the president next accuse. Yes. Yet. -- Floating all news. I I think was just the whole way -- it was a variety of things -- I mean. You know. Or coaches are in the winning business. Everyone worked who's doing your coach -- -- -- USC -- I mean that -- and -- sadly we we have winning championships in -- DNA around here. Yes you the other things as well -- -- you know a priority there -- given you have to play by the rules have to gradually pleasure to care -- kids of those are all. Those are expected the candidate you ask anyone over his -- -- -- -- -- -- -- USA. Thank you all very much. -- -- -- but what about the latest warning enough. Talking to him about some of the plays -- thought we did very well. Someone -- -- who could prove -- obviously this just happened. This morning shall we the national look there's a sort of discussions this week. And -- totally trust that will photograph from a -- for. -- -- Well you -- old replenishing managing Galarraga should believe and have a little fun -- -- And longer workable slaves this week I really think -- -- things that we're gonna do -- staff to get critical so flourished. Conosoga Wagner is a little bit and have -- -- -- next they gave to let the chips photograph. You know. The -- we -- -- -- -- -- -- route. What I saw and can help our problem is saying decisions Lane Kiffin. But the guys took the believing quarterback position bought from -- by storm. And we have to see who was go to performer to game day atmosphere -- best. And -- has proven. -- -- we'll -- who's gonna happen which you know what does a great. Opportunity for a great education. USC has won many national championship sure. There's an opportunity coming distort and -- a -- rural America. There is lot of great things about USC just noted about -- -- -- you honestly and I know this about mr. Hague. -- it feels that they go. Recruit the best available head football coach there's the country to bring back to championship program -- do you honestly I'll feel comfortable. Days like today if street in the media. Be able to have obtained some good so bad. How to react in adverse situations. How to -- play LSU and Alabama. That LSU and Alabama. They don't know -- how solemn Barbara. How to react -- all the Hitler salute to your resume his football -- out of the -- to life coach. -- and interact and organize recruiting. All that stuff -- prepared for. -- We've had a long relief differently. Experience -- was ED UD invites you had. -- -- -- Good -- -- -- you know I'll do my eight years. -- -- -- Very his door is always openly and -- are able to talk to him about anything. Yes we'll try to open a practice so we're told to do about -- -- and I'll talk -- -- about those soldiers later. -- -- -- I hear Christian believers. Feeling and how well don't get. But -- a little different about a recall employees. At a local place no labeling was called -- think he's very good attitude and always respected him. -- that. We'll have some manages some excitement. Parts loving guys haven't flown. -- -- -- I Texan and three times rejection Rebecca called him all the very positive six liked him so all the things that you did to us. -- Also been told is they won't -- And USC today. -- -- -- What can we do to get better today and take music -- one game at a time -- told us all expect. Yes I believe -- -- plays a -- Enough of what initially Memphis -- -- That you do very did you approach. Here who -- -- -- -- -- Kind of woke up in the middle of the -- -- some -- -- -- definitely surprised when it. You know first woman. Think Coach -- he did so much for us while he -- here and we appreciate you know everything he did for -- and you know analysis times and move on and we're excited about a new opportunities in new beginning and -- -- -- these next thing can't. -- surprise this morning -- -- plant across six different text messages from individuals involved. Coasters are. First off -- -- that -- huge -- different and everything things. But I mean you know. Who's trying to move forward narrower focus on these next eight games we have heard really barn and other children -- and -- these -- He told her -- -- is this she two. This morning. Listen. You know the players were very have to look as you can authorities were -- Jeffords. Nobody was complaining and are worried about anything worried about internal when these things. -- -- Now we support we supported Coach -- -- percent and we are behind him in. You know is tough you know over the last night's loss of tough on all of this thing. You know everybody -- coaches and players where NAFTA that in you know there is no separation. Oh Colleen and friend. Go here and around campus political -- -- know who were just focus on each other it. -- trying to focus on development ourselves you know after losing you always try to come back stronger and we're going development achievement. We never were focused on what the media to say about -- -- -- People. Through. -- it is easier to -- We kept it in the locker room you know we. We wanted to focus on us and that's what's most important is those players and what we we've done what we -- so. None of that really got to a server and you know you of course hear it but we kept their -- we kept things in the locker room and in our locker room still strong and we're excited. You. Or news different. The leader. Did he seem any different. Previous. We're down we're dejected. Close -- always -- -- -- after games. He would let's good talk to a city and tell us what -- Mercedes was -- we need to do better. As a Trojan family yours got to respond you know. Take some blows and give some -- as this is how you respond. And -- commuters to. And it. As a clear when you lose a game there's always more than you can do and you know I expect everybody on our team to feel that way who you know going after a loss like that so you know I'm looking at myself when I could have done -- help my team win in. I think everybody is so. You know that's that's what happens after after a loss when you want -- win. We came here. -- I didn't play last season so I can't directly speak on that when it. This season -- is -- just a fight you know we do even frightening. And -- fell short twice you know and that's all that's all I can -- on -- but I think we're gonna put a better product on the field next game and could have a great week of practice -- -- we can be ready to go.

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