Former Victoria's Secret Angel Spills Her Beauty Secrets

Miranda Kerr discusses importance of "balance" when seeking a flawless complexion.
2:23 | 06/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former Victoria's Secret Angel Spills Her Beauty Secrets
morning we've got some beauty secrets of a supermodel and linsey davis got secrets from miranda kerr about how she looks so good and healthy around the clock. ♪ Reporter: The australian supermodel who rose to fame as a victoria's secret angel has clipped those wings and is now soaring to new heights on her own. Are you still with victoria's secret? No, I'm not under contract with them anymore. We had such a wonderful relationship. Reporter: Was it more your idea to get out of the relationship? To be honest, it was both of us. Reporter: The spokes model for gillette venus stepped out to new york for the step out empower. Campaign and call up with the 30-year-old beauty at new york's carlyle hotel. What kind of tips would you give to the average american woman? It's a balance. Making healthy choices when you can. Reporter: For the last two years she's been dedicated to her role as mom flynn with husband orlando bloom but raising her other baby, a certified organic skin line called kora organics. Our skin is our largest organ so why not feed it. Reporter: Kerr, a former gymnast showed off her famous body of work on instagram sunday, an image asking many how could we look like that? Try body bashing and citrus mist and, of course, great razor. Reporter: Kerr turned silverware into a beauty utensil and covers her eye much lashes in mascara and pinches them between a thumb and spoon and, voila, curled eyelashes but says true beauty comes from the inside out. You can still be a buddy with the right food and nutrients then your body will reward you. Miranda credits losing the baby weight to eating healthy, allowing indulgences and amping up her pilates and daily tips, citrus mist. Have a supermodel know and here is -- more of a supermodel glow. Adorable. And also she uses this brush which apparently it stimulates your blood circulation and also exfoliates the dry skin. You can try it. We'll have you looking like a supermodel. I'll brush and mist. She's wonderful and been on the show and I think she's fantastic. Great tips. Linsey, thank you very much.

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{"id":19329403,"title":"Former Victoria's Secret Angel Spills Her Beauty Secrets","duration":"2:23","description":"Miranda Kerr discusses importance of \"balance\" when seeking a flawless complexion.","url":"/GMA/video/victorias-secret-angel-miranda-kerr-spills-beauty-secrets-19329403","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}