Yankee Pitcher's Ejection Causes Huge Social Media Backlash

Michael Pineda was caught using pine-tar and was ejected from the game in Boston in the second inning.
1:51 | 04/24/14

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Transcript for Yankee Pitcher's Ejection Causes Huge Social Media Backlash
A lot of people are talking about what happened at last night's yankees/red sox game. Two big-time travels. The yankees pitcher got thrown out of the game, caught cheating. It created a lot of buzz on social media. So many people weighed in. ABC's Linzie Janis tracking all of the reaction on this. She's in the social square. Linzie? Reporter: Good morning, Michael. A huge reaction to what happened in Boston. Michael Pineda, pitching for the yankees. In the second inning, the red sox manager stopped the game and had the umpire check Pineda for pine tar. Pine tar is a sicky substance that batters are allowed to use on bat handles. But it's a big no-no for pitchers. Sure enough, the umpire found some on his neck. Throws him out of the game. Let's take another look at that. There it is, right there. That smudge on his neck. That was enough for the umpire. This is not the first time that Pineda has been accused of something like this. Just two weeks ago, in a game against the red sox, no less, many people thought he had pine tar or some foreign substance on his hand. But it was gone by the fifth inning. He got away with it that time. Not last night. By the way, the red sox beat the yankees, 5-1. As you can imagine, a lot of comments on social media about this. Andrew Marchand of ESPN, tweeting, saying the yankees have a million coaches. It turns out, they need a makeup artist, as well. He says #Pineda. And Donald Catron saying, he plays for the yankees. Do you expect anything less? Do you think a suspension of eight to ten games would be too harsh? Or not harsh enough? Sounds right to me. Sounds about right. I would have told them it was

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{"id":23451352,"title":"Yankee Pitcher's Ejection Causes Huge Social Media Backlash","duration":"1:51","description":"Michael Pineda was caught using pine-tar and was ejected from the game in Boston in the second inning.","url":"/GMA/video/york-yankees-michael-pineda-ejection-boston-social-media-23451352","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}