Are There Specific Foods I Should Be Eating Or Avoiding If I'm Undergoing Cancer Treatment?

Barrie Cassileth, Ph.D, Sloan

Question: Are there specific foods I should be eating or avoiding if I'm undergoing cancer treatment?

Answer:When you undergo cancer treatment, when you're finished with cancer treatment, it's important to eat a good diet. What's a good diet? Well, it's fruit- and vegetable-based with a minimum amount of red meat and a lot of vegetables and fruits and a lot of liquid. How you feel on a particular day will absolutely influence what you're capable of taking into your mouth. There are some days when patients feel so bad that they're not capable of consuming more than some soup and crackers. Hopefully that period will not last very long, and soon after patients will be able to not only get up and move around but also eat more beneficial foods and keep themselves strong and healthy.

There are no prohibited foods, there are no foods that are magical and will help cure cancer, but what eating properly can do is to keep your body strong so that it can help itself heal.