What Do I Need To Do To Keep My Child's Asthma Under Control At School?

Question: What do I need to do to keep my child's asthma under control at school?

Answer: You should perform an asthma control test on a regular basis to assess your child's level of asthma control.

These control tests ask about daytime symptoms, nocturnal awakenings, need for rescue asthma medication, such as albuterol, and activity limitation.

You should have your child's rescue medication available in the health suite at your child's school in the case of an exacerbation. The last thing you want is to have your child not have the rescue mediation available if they need it.

You'll need to provide your child's school nurse or health aid with the medication, a spacer device to properly use their rescue inhaler and appropriate medication forms required by your school. It's important to ask your healthcare provider to give you an action plan for your child's school and you should provide your child's school with phone numbers to reach you in the case of an emergency.

You should check in regularly with your child's teacher, including the gym teacher, as well as coaches and health suite personnel to check for frequency of symptoms and need for rescue mediation. Most children with controlled asthma will not require albuterol prior to or during exercise or sports.

If your child requires rescue medication for exercise more than twice a week, you should talk to your healthcare provider, since your child may need a preventative asthma control medication or an increase in their control medication if they are already on one.

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