Who Is A Good Candidate For Laser Vision Correction And Who Is Not?

Question: Who is a good candidate for laser vision correction and who is not?

Answer: Good candidates for laser vision correction have reasonable expectations, stable refractions, whereas their prescription for glasses or contact lenses is not undergoing large changes over time; they're not taking specific medications that will influence wound healing. All medications you take, whether they be prescribed or over-the-counter should be shared with your ophthalmologist.

In addition, patients should not be pregnant or breastfeeding, as this may also influence the outcome of laser vision surgery. Whether or not you're a good candidate for laser vision correction can only be decided in consultation with your ophthalmologist, who must take into account many factors. This includes the shape of your cornea, the amount of tissue that will need to be removed for your specific prescription, how thick your cornea may be, along with the dry eye status and the anatomy of your eye.

There are certain limitations to how much correction can be achieved with laser vision surgery, and there may be alternatives to LASIK or LASEK that must also be discussed with your ophthalmologist.