Is There Anything I Can Do To Prepare For My Bypass Surgery?

Question: Is there anything I can do to prepare for my bypass surgery?

Answer: Well, number one, once you've done the due diligence of choosing your cardiologist and choosing your surgeon and you feel comfortable, relax.

In general, though this is a big operation, it's one that's routine for the vast majority of heart surgeons out there. It's one that we do all the time and that people do extremely well with it.

As far as specific preparation, you know obviously if you are a smoker it would be better not to smoke.

If you are overweight, it would be better not to be overweight. But in general, patients even with those behaviors do well.

And my recommendation is just follow the advice of your cardiologist, of your internist, and have confidence in the surgeon you've chose and move ahead and you'll be fine.

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