Are There Any Beneficial Herbal Products Or Supplements To Help Boost A Man's Libido?

Question: Are there any beneficial herbal products or supplements to help boost a man's libido?

Answer: So this is a great question as far as boosting a man's libido. This is a really complicated question. And the short answer is when libido is low, we look at lifestyle. Typically that means looking at chronic stress, not sleeping well, not getting enough exercise or having what we call a "standard American diet," which is S-A-D sad or a pro-inflammatory diet. So in this case looking at a man's libido, [I] recommend not smoking, avoiding a split-seat bicycle -- but that has more to do with sperm count and prostate health, and then adrenal fatigue can be something that we look at

Some herbal supplements such as Panax ginseng, which is like a red or Korean ginseng can be helpful. And DHEA at 50 milligrams taken once a day can help boost testosterone, which is really the molecule that's responsible for libido both in men and women.