Nanny-Rape Victim Fights for Homeless Predators

"He believed in me and was on my side," she said. "I knew I needed to tell them, but I didn't know how. She was an adult and much bigger, and it had gone on so long, I didn't know if I could do it."

Book's father was a prominent Florida lobbyist and she worried about publicly embarrassing him. And Flores' psychological pull was strong.

"I was scared and confused," said Book-Lim. "She provided a shower curtain around my life. I didn't have to see any terrible things because she took care of the problems, which made her seem really appealing because you have someone who is listening to you, someone who loves you, who is there for you and has not left.''

Flores even gave the girl an engagement ring and promised they would marry.

"I was delusional at the time," said Book-Lim. "You are on another planet, just to survive it."

Nanny Molester Found Coaching Girls' Soccer

In 2002, Book-Lim confessed to her therapist who, in turn, called in her parents. Her father immediately fired Flores, who absconded to Oklahoma. She was apprehended a month later while coaching soccer to 10-year-old girls.

"She was a true pedophile grooming another child to be abused," said Book-Lim.

While in prison, Flores violated a court order and wrote love letters to Book-Lim and asked for money, earning her another 10 years on top of her 15-year sentence.

In the aftermath of the arrest, Book became anorexic, dropping to 85 pounds and suffering near organ failure.

"Other than death or your kid disappearing and you don't find them again, sexual abuse is the worst nightmare a parent can endure," said her father Ron Book, who burst into tears when he learned of molestation. "To this day, I have never read the police reports all the way through."

"You can choose to cripple yourself or you can be strong and take control of the situation," he said. "You've got to be strong, get some backbone and lead."

Slowly, in new therapy and with the legislative clout of her father, Book-Kim began to heal.

Ron Book introduced his daughter to every state legislator in his rolodex. Together they fought for the right to get 48-hour access to HIV test results on predators, as well as a protection act banning molesters from ever contacting the victims or their families.

Victim Heals Through Helping Others

In addition to passing residence restrictions and extending cyber sex laws, they established a funding mechanism for a state-wide network of treatment centers.

"I think that fact that she got involved was critical to her recovery," said Stephen Levin, the therapist who broke the shocking news to Book-Lim's parents. "She doesn't feel like only a victim and she is doing something positive to help other people."

"She had the support of her parents and she was able to talk about it, and her boyfriend was so supportive and encouraged her," he told

Last summer, she married Kris Lim, a professional golfer. While he travels, she runs her foundation, Laurens' Kids, teaching sex abuse prevention to children in grades K-2 and reinforcing the message, "It's OK to tell."

"It took a lot of guts to do what she did and what she is doing now," said Lim. "I have been there the whole time and seen the worst of the worst psychologically to helping children every day. "

"Now she is under the bridge with sex offenders," he told "She could never do that before. She couldn't even leave the house. I am amazed at how much progress she has made."

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